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One more old guy returning

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    March, 2017
One more old guy returning
Posted by Gerg on Saturday, March 04, 2017 10:31 PM

Hello all,

Although I have been reading this forum for a number of years and have had a forum account for over a year, I have finally started to post. It hasn't been easy. I will get to that but first a little about me. 
Like most I am returning to the hobby (last year). I built many models as a kid and loved it. That was before I knew anything and likely that is why it was so much fun. I didn't know how poorly my models were! Glue fingerprints, lost parts or broken parts, horrid painting, spider web like strings from the cement tube...who cared it was fun. It helped fostered a love of using my hands. I have never taken a break from that...woodworking, RC planes, full scale building, always something. Over the years I built a model or two and when my son was the right age I re-entered the hobby in a more serious manner. At that time I was mature enough to acquire a bit of modeling sophistication. I was actually building models that weren't half bad. That was a dozen years ago. I again had my attention divert to other things and let model building fall to the side. This time I am in for the long haul though. I am building again. I have my modeling space nearly how I want it and I am developing a modeling philosophy (subject of a future post possibly). 
My interest include everything (I think that is a problem with many modelers). I have restricted myself for the time being to WW1 aircraft (Wingnut Wings is to blame). However I do have a serious yearning at the moment for real space subjects (bought a kit to day even). 
The reason I said it hasn't been easy to post is the forum itself. I have tried a number of times to log into my account (and finish creating my account) and have always been met with either a "your connection is not secure" message or a "javascript void" error. With either I have not been able to log in. I have an older Mac but have had zero problems on other forum or anywhere on the net. At this point I usually decide that posting was not that important and resign myself to not taking part in a discussion. Before you know it a year has passed. I know I have also had problems logging in from my IPad but tonight I was able to. I have more to say on this subject but the point of this post is introductions so I will leave it at that. 
I want to end by giving a big thank you to all that have and still do contribute. There are many of us out there that read and gain much insight. I hope to be part of that.
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    February, 2008
Posted by CaddMann05 on Monday, March 06, 2017 9:51 AM

Welcome back!

I also had not posted onto this forum even though I was a subscriber for a few years.  I said what the heck though and went for it, but I had problems creating my account. It was saying something like email does not conform to forum standards.  What the heck was that about? I had to get customer service involved and then I had to email Aaron Skinner.  That did the trick.

It finally was resolved, which I am grateful for.  So now I am on the forum daily.  I may not post everyday, but I check it out.


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Posted by Bish on Monday, March 06, 2017 10:32 AM

Welcome aboard.

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Posted by fox on Monday, March 06, 2017 12:32 PM

Welcome to the Forums Gerg! Glad to have you aboard!

You've come to the right place. My favorites are WWI & WWII planes followed by Sailing Ships. After those, you name it and I've built it during 70 of my 76 years.


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Posted by checkmateking02 on Monday, March 06, 2017 4:38 PM

Welcome to the Forums!

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Posted by Tanker - Builder on Tuesday, March 07, 2017 6:11 PM


 I still can't do W.I.Ps or that , but I love posting without them . I have so much I like to share . You will find out that is what will happen to you too . Someone has a problem or question and there you go to the rescue .  T.B.

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Posted by Eagle90 on Thursday, March 09, 2017 11:23 AM

Welcome to the forums..officially.  Glad to see the computer issues worked out.  Look forward to seeing your builds.



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Posted by Toshi on Sunday, March 12, 2017 4:55 AM

Welcome to FSM Forums!



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    March, 2017
Posted by Gerg on Sunday, March 19, 2017 7:08 PM

I would like to thank everyone for their warm welcomes and look forward to one day being part of the gang. I know that as I have read posts and researched various  things on this forum, I feel there is a real sense of community. 


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Posted by fright on Monday, March 20, 2017 8:58 AM

Welcome Sign Welcome back to the Forum.

Robert O


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