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Now for something completely different

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Now for something completely different
Posted by M4Shermanmodeler on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 9:27 PM

In our quest to maintain a sense of humor in what has become a very unpleasent situation world-wide, I thought it was time to start a thread of "all-time great quotes". Actors, politicians, military, all are fair game. I'll "prime the pump", so to speak, with two of my favorites:

1.) Sometime in 1943, Arleigh Burke and his destroyer group were on a night patrol in the Slot along with portions of another division. They encountered a Japanese destroyer group and a fight began, with the US ships attacking from both port and starboard of the Japanese formation. Suddenly Burke's TBS squawked: It was the other commander. "Arleigh, are you shooting at me?" he asked. There was silence on the circuit for a few seconds; then came the answer. "Sorry, but you'll have to excuse the next three salvos. They're already on the way."

2.) Calvin Coolidge really didn't talk much. He called a working meeting one damp misty day aboard the Presidential yacht Mayflower. His cabinet and staff dutifully boarded and the ship set out onto the Potomac. At one point, Coolidge got up from the meeting, took his hat and coat, and walked wordlessly out of the conference room. His staff found him standing at the bow of the ship, staring out into the mist. Knowing his solitary nature, they left him alone to his thoughts for awile. The conversation back aft swirled about what might be on the great man's mind, what with all the problems the US faced.

Finally, one of his staff broke with the group and walked up to him, intending to ask him what he might be thinking. Coolidge didn't give him the opportunity.

Raising his arm and pointing out toward the shore, he said; "Over there, on that sandbar. Seagull. Hasn't moved in about twnety minutes...I think he's dead."

Such is the way great minds think.

Let's hear yours.



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Posted by goldhammer on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 9:46 PM

Mush Morton on Wahoo's 3rd patrol..."14 hour running torpedo and gun battle all torpedos expended".  Next day he ran across another freighter.  Didn't see the DD escort.  Surfaced to try and sink the freighter with his deck guns.  Tried to outrun the DD, finally had to pull the plug and submit to a 3 hour depth charging.  After surfacing, another message to COMSUBPAC, " another running gun battle, destroyer gunning, Wahoo running".


Another was Mitcher's simple 4 words"Turn on the lights" to recover a late returning strike when night ops were not yet being done.

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Posted by keavdog on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 9:54 PM

From Robert Peavey's Praying For Slack:

Air Force, Navy, and Marine. The vast difference between them calls for three more of Peavey’s Axioms:

Axiom Number Three: If you’re getting air support and you can’t tell what kind of plane it is, you’re getting it from the Air Force.

Axiom Number Four: If the plane is low enough that you can read NAVY on the side of the plane, you’re getting naval air support.


Axiom Number Five: If you can see the color of the pilot’s eyes, you’re getting Marine air support.



Ain't no reason to hang my head, I could wake up in the mornin' dead 

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Posted by rob44 on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 9:57 PM

Another Calvin Coolidge. The President and Mrs. Coolidge were being shown  around an experimental government farm. When Mrs. Coolidge came to the chicken yard she noticed that a rooster was mating very frequently. She asked the attendant how often that happened and was told, "Dozens of times each day." Mrs. Coolidge said, "Tell that to the President ." Upon being told, the President asked, "Same hen every time?" The reply was, "Oh, no, Mr. President, a different hen every time." President: "Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge."


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Posted by hogfanfs on Thursday, March 19, 2020 8:30 AM

Ok, this is sports related, and I've always been a Lou Holtz fan.

This is an interaction between Woody Hayes and Lou Holtz when Lou was an assistant coach for Woody:

“When O.J. Simpson ran 80 yards for a touchdown against Ohio State in the 1969 Rose Bowl game, I was coaching Ohio State’s secondary. Fortunately, I was in the press box at the time.

 “But when I got to the locker room, Woody came right at me and took a strategic grasp of my jugular and asked: ‘Why did O.J. go 80 yards?’ I told him: ‘Because that’s all he needed, Coach.’”






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Posted by Don Stauffer on Thursday, March 19, 2020 9:51 AM

My favorite quote is by a comic strip charactor, Pogo the Possum (long departed strip).  In the sixties he ran for president, and said;

"We have met the enemy and he is us."

This is a variation of the quote from the American Commander of a US fleet that had just beat the British in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812, who said "We have met the enemy and they are ours."

I think of this quote when we as a democracy make a mistake.  There is no guarantee that a democracy will never make a mistake, but at least when we do make a mistake,  we who will suffer are responsible for the decision, not some high leader.


Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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Posted by GMorrison on Thursday, March 19, 2020 10:15 AM

In the Army, the officers send the men to die.

In the Navy, the officers and the men go off together to die.

In the Air Force, the men send the officers off to die.

My friend Airman jim, in his Miss. drawl.

"yes, Bayill, but summhow they always take a few uf us off with 'em".

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Posted by M4Shermanmodeler on Thursday, March 19, 2020 1:10 PM

Then there's the classic John McKay (1st coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs) response to a reporter's question at the post game presser:

Reporter-"What do you think of your team's execution?"

Mckay-"I'm all for it."

Gotta love that guy...



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