Huey Question

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Huey Question

  • Would a UH-1C have the lift capacity to carry a full crew+5 soldiers? I recall reading in a book about the LRRP's in Vietnam that in some cases Huey Gunships were used to extract soldiers. Is this possibe? I wanted to use Academy's UH-1C, with Masterbox's "Head for the Huey" kit. Thanks 


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  • The C would be close to max load, but should be able to lift the 5 troopers plus its crew, weapons, and ammo load.

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  • Not to open a new topic, does anyone have any information regarding the store pylons on USAF UH-1P, UH-1N, and VNAF UH-1H gunships ? It's much more compact design than the M156 and TK-2. Can't find any information or documents for it, only pictures.

  • From the stories my fellow 174th AHC Shark gunship crew members tell, you would have had to use up fuel and or expend enough ordinance equaling the weight of the five grunts you were going to pick up. What the manuals say and reality in 110 degree high humidity and maybe a higher altitude with an over worked engine was 19 different things! Now if you had -13 engine which made it a "Mike" model you would have more wiggle room but still couldn't do it max fuel and ammo. Of course in the heat of combat, with a lot of luck, skill, and the grace of God some remarkable feats have been accomplished!

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