Heller SA 321G SUPER FRELON in 1/35

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Heller SA 321G SUPER FRELON in 1/35

  • Did anybody build this model? What can you say about the level of detail?
    Is it any good? Has anybody seen any reviews on it? Any aftermarket available on market?

    Thanks a lot!
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  • Hi Andy!

    You can see what I did with my 1/35 Super Frelon.
    It has been re-released not too long ago...they come up on ebay here and there as well. Like Gino said a VERY COOL and BIG kit for its age!

    Straighten up and fly right.....
  • Thanks Gino!
    I'll try to put my hands on it then ))))
  • It is a really good kit, especially for 30 year old molds. The cockpit is pretty weel detailed with egine throttle levers overhead and all the bells and whistles. Instrument panels ae decals though. Interior cargo compartment is very detailed with individual troop seat frames and 0.010 sheet styrene for the cloth part. I highly recommend it. It looks great when done. Here is the one I did up.

    More here:

    Someone else here built it up as a what-if USCG bird as well. Don't remember who though.

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