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One giant 747 kit

  •          While cleaning out his attic, recently, my brother-in-law came across an aircraft kit that he recieved as a birthday gift back in the early 80`s. Knowing that I am a serious modeler of airplanes for more years than I care to mention, my Brother-in-law gave me the kit since he never has and never will build a plastic model. The kit is of a 747 airliner in United Airlines livery, and is a really gigundo model!    The manufacturer is a company that I have never heard of before- which is strange considering how long I`ve been building models. The name if the company is ANMARK HOBBIES Inc., headquartered in Culver City, California. The kit itself is made in Japan, and is really a very large model.  The box is just under 30 inches long and the fuselage halves are about the same length as the box!  The side of the box even has the proclamation "Largest Commercial Plane Kit Ever Made! The kit is molded in white plastic with fairly crude raised panel lines and contains more landing gear pieces than you can shake a stick at!  I believe the model is 1/100th scale though I am not sure since the box is not in good shape and the scale may have been obscured over the years. All the pieces seem to be there, however, and even the decals are in pretty shape! If anyone has any info on this kit I`d love to hear it.  Does anyone make a 1/100th space shuttle kit that could be parked on top of thi beast? That would be really impressive!
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  • Tamiya has an excellent 1/100 shuttle kit.

    The 747-100 is the variant that carries the shuttle.  It has a wingspan of 195 feet and a fuselage length of 230 feet.  Hopefully that helps in determining the scale.

    I'm planning to also build a shuttle + 747 combo in the near future, but at 1/200 scale.

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  • Wow, interesting.

    I have never heard of it but I'm a ww2 junkie so I'm not surprised. I'm interested to see whats up with it though.


  • OK quick calculation of scale size we know the actual length 230x12inches=2760/100scale=27.6 inches.  So I would say your guess of 1/100 scale is correct.  The only 1/100 747 I ever say was the old Doyusha kit 25 years ago.  JOHN

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  • Free airplane models are good. Approve [^] Score, city! DANG!
  • It's probably just a reboxed Doyusha kit.
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  • I thank it is the same kit I had back in the 80s that was  released by Entex. If so it is a great model kit and is 1/100 scale. Tamiya makes a Shuttle that scale but I am not sure it is readily available.

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