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Decals for a 1/48 PB4Y-1 Liberator?

  • Does any one out there know where I can find a set of decals for a 1/48 scale Liberator as a PB4Y-1? I've got two kits of this model and I wanted to do 1 of them as a PB4Y-1, if I can find the decals in 1/48th.

    Please Help.
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  • You looking for any particular aircraft? I have one set in 1/48 for the Apache Princess. If you're interested I can scan them so you can see what they look like. If you need something special made talk to Mike Grant at
  • This would be for a B-24"D" version not a "J" version which is the version you've gotten shown. If it is for a "D" version then YES show it to me, please.

    (My appologies for any goof.)
  • The decals I have are for a -2, not a -1. I know Mike Grant has a couple of -1 sets in his file cabinet, you should email him. Another option would be to contact Eli Rapheal at Albatros decals.
  • According to the pics here
    Looks like pretty standard markings unless you want to do one with nose art.
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  • Thanks a bunch to everyone that responded and Swanny, I will get in touch with Mike Grant for my PB4Y-1.

  • Vance, if you have any luck with Mike let me know. After 3 emails in 3 months looking for the same decals I still have no reply.
  • No problem. Did you check out his website, there was a notation on there about how long it might be before he's got time to work on anything extra.

    Just a thought.
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by vance

    No problem. Did you check out his website, there was a notation on there about how long it might be before he's got time to work on anything extra.

    Just a thought.

    That's the one drawback to being really good at what you do - everybody wants some.
  • Sorry but I never put my name on those email lists. In response to your message .... a good question. I wonder if it might be a defect in the picture. It's too rounded to be the ball turret even though its in the right area and does not look to be radar either. I'll ask a few B-24 experts and see what I can find out. Bill the cat? You really think so??? You know what Kimosabee (Indians can't spell and neither can Scots) means, right?
  • Vance had asked me to help identify the object seen below this B-24 in the general area of the ball turret.

    It appears to be a Surface Radar dome … it would seem to correlate to the bto dome fitted in place of the sperry turret on certain late-block B-17Gs in the ETO. In the Air Force they called these Mickey" ships. This particular bird is painted in the Atlantic camoflage scheme of Dark Gull Grey over White is actually a U.S. Navy PB4Y-1, a navalised version of the B-24 used for sub hunting and the dome actually is an ASV radome for detecting U-boats. Another photo from the same flight appears in Bert Kinzey's B-24 Liberator in Detail, p. 46. In the sunshine the radome is an orange-tan color.
    Additional images of the hardware ….

    Belcher Bits 1/48 set BB-16 which includes the nose (Dumbo) radome and Leigh Light, also includes one of these belly radomes in a retracted position.
  • How on earth did you know I was part Indian and scottish (because that what I am)? Did we meet somewhere? You are coming to Atlanta for the Nationals ? I'll be there.

    As for the Service Radar Dome, it's good to find out about what it is.

    As far as the color goes, isn't that Dark SEA BLUE over white?

    Is the Belcher Bits Set BB-16 a kit for the Radomes?

  • I am a Scot, my wife is Cherokee. The aircraft in the first picture is not Blue but is definitely Gray over White. The BB kit includes pieces to make a Navy sub hunter but can be broken apart to make many different conversions based on what you want to build. You can email Mike Belcher for more info on the kit ...