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French Air Force colours (ww2)

  • I'm trying to find a good match for "Ombre Calcienne" for a Potez 631. I saw a reference stating that Humbrol 70 is a good match, but when I tried that, it looks too pale and red. Is this due to poor mixing, or is it that Hu70 isn't really all that close to the original colour?

    Any thoughts or ideas?

    Matt Smile [:)]
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  • Hi Matt,

    We've got it matched in our new Armee de L'Air line of paints (12 colors) in our Colourcoats Enamels. Order item ACF 06. You'll find the whole range of Colourcoats on our secure website. No minimum order for paints, and we ship worldwide.

    John Snyder
    White Ensign Models
  • The good name is "Ombre calcinee"
    (litterally:"Burnt shadow")It look like a dark earth.I have an old paint
    chart were this color is referenced as Humbrol 98.I do'nt know if this
    reference still exist .If you want ,i can send you a scanned copy of this chart
    I also have pics,profile .. for this plane,i just need time to scan it (no scanner
    at home )
    Best regards P Medard
  • Maybe this link will help. It list FS numbers for french colors in a color chart.

    Of course it lists Hu 70 so may not be much help after all. Well I tried,Smile [:)]
  • Thanks for that folks, I'll probably go with Hu98 then. Just goes to show how tricky getting a 'definitive' colour match is, especially for those schemes where less examples survived intact.


  • Matt, I've been trying to do much the same as yourself for an MS406.

    As it was using the IPMS Stockholm site I've been able to identify all of the paints required.

    Best of luck with the Potez, one of my favourite French aircraft of WWII.


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  • I'm still not sure what to do, having seen some more references, I think I am going to stick with Hu70, as the colour really seems to be quite reddish, so I will do it over, mixing a smidge of Hu98 with the Hu70 to darken it a touch. I'll try to post pictures of the completed model when I am finished, if I can "borrow" the digital camera from work.
    In all probability, I will put the pictures up in the ARC forums if I do.