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Academy B-17 (1/72)

  • Hey, i have recently purchased the academy 'flying fortress,' has anybody got advice, tips or criticisms about this particular model?
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  • Academy's B-17's build up, pretty straightforward, according to the instructions.  All of them, from the B through the G series, assemble very well.  A couple of points off the top of my head:  if you build the bomb bay open, be aware that the bombs can pop loose during the rest of the assembly--and can't be put back (not enough fiddle space once the fuselage is closed); if you build the bomb bay doors closed, you'll have to sand down the doors--as they are too large to close.  The radio antenna, on E,F and G's,is pretty fragile.  Either be very careful when you sand the fuselage, or else remove the thing and reattach it later.

    Which type are you working on?  Maybe I can be more specific, although they are not any more trouble, with no particular quirks, than any other large bomber model.

    Good luck! 

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  • it's not a bad kit by any means,i made this one that was listed on the box as "memphis belle" but the decals were wrong so i had to make the other version

    the issue with the bomb doors has already been covered,the only other thing that comes to mind is the typical Academy decals,might be better off with aftermarket

  • I built one of those kits several years ago.  While I don't remember the details, I do not recall any particularly troubling aspects to that build.  They make a fine 1/72 B-17 (I built the G).
  • I don't have the Academy kit but started on a Hasegawa kit for a cousin.  I never finished it.  Same old story!  The kit  was lacking the radio compartment and this was the spot his Dad occupied.  I scratch built one and vacuformed the top clear hatch to be able to view it better.  Attached picture of the interior.  The square plastic beam in the tail was for internal support to place the model on a metal rod in the flying position.  I was going to fix the twin 50's so they would be a "plug" when you removed the B-17 from it's mount you could plug them in for a complete model for table top display. 

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  • hey lone_soldier,

    i can say that the academy b-17 kit is a pretty nice kit to build. although the interior details are a bit limited, it'll need some scratchbuilding and some aftermarket parts to spruce it up. i have built the memphis belle b-17f kit and it turned out well.

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  • thanks to all of you, some great help there. urm, before i bore you with other questions lol, are the figures you used supplied and i have just lost them, or are they separate?
  • lone,

    The figures I used came from the spare parts box.  I was lucky to obtain some from a buddy also.  Mainly old Monogram 1/72 kits had nice pilot figures.  The Hasegawa kit doesn't have figures.   

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  • The biggest problem I found with the B-17 series was the dihedral angle was a bit excessive, but was easily rectified with some sheet styrene, filler and some sanding.
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