Corsair Paint Schemes

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Corsair Paint Schemes

  • Now that I know that is is common practice amongst us to have more than one type of aircraft I was wondering haow many different paint schemes the F4U Corsair had? I know of course of the tri scheme with dark blue, medium blue and isiginia white. Did the Corsair ever come in overall blue like some Helldivers? Maybe just dark blue over white or over grey? Wings Pallette website does not list the Corsair. Thanks for any tips. 
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  • It does... take a look.

    The one with japanese markings looks kinda weird, I think I'll build one like that! :-)

  • VA, how the heck did I miss that? Thanks mate. 
  • FAA Corsair JT404 of 1841 Squadron. Involved in anti-submarine patrol from HMS Formidable enroute to Scapa after Operation Mascot against the German Battleship Tirpitz, in company with Barracuda of Wing Leader Lt Cdr RS Baker-Falkner. Emergency landing in a field at Sorvag, Hameroy, near Bodo, Norway on 18 July 1944. The pilot, Lt Mattholie, taken POW and the aircraft captured intact with no damage. The German authorities made attempts to get the pilot to explain how to fold the wings so as to transport the aircraft to Narvik. Aircraft was ferried by boat for further investigation. It is not known if the Corsair was taken to Germany.  This was probably the first Corsair captured by the Germans.  Aircraft is listed at Rechlin for 1944 under repair. 

    The paint shown is a "what if" of this A/C... Personally, I don't do "what if" paints, but this one's kinda interesting and I'm getting bored with blue Corsairs... 

  • I vaguely remember seeing a gull gray and white version at some point... Does anyone else remember that? Of course there have been a number of racing paint jobs.


  •  Zar wrote:
    VA, how the heck did I miss that? Thanks mate. 

    No problem dude, glad to help :-)

  • AU-1's were painted gull grey over white.  Some served at Quantico.  Of course, there is the early war blue grey over white scheme.

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  • Yes, there's photos of an AU-1 that was painted in a gull grey and white scheme during the sixties, I believe. There is an illustration in Francillon's Vietnam book of an F3D Skyknight with the same scheme, confirmed by the same markings on the Falcon 1/72 kit. I don't recall seeing the F4U in an Atlantic I or II scheme, but it's possible.

    If you want something exotic, there are some interesting schemes for F4Us and FG-1s that participated in the 1969 Soccer War between Honduras and El Salvador.

  • In US service the F4U started its' career in Blue Gray over Light Gray. Production then switched to the Tri-Color scheme of Sea Blue/Intermediate Blue over White. Then they switched to the overall Sea Blue Scheme. Some Night Fighter F4Us were overall Flat Black in Korea. As stated above the final scheme worn in US service was Light Gull Gray over White. And then you have foreign users...

    Fleet Air Arm Corsairs were Slate Grey and Dark Sea Grey over Sky, a very good looking scheme.

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  • The prototype XF4U-1 was silver with yellow wings.

    The French also operated Corsairs in a gloss blue gray scheme.

  •  stikpusher wrote:


    Fleet Air Arm Corsairs were Slate Grey and Dark Sea Grey over Sky, a very good looking scheme.


    Which are my favorite and the subject of my Tamiya Corsair in the Corsairs GB.

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  • a news clipping for the Polka dot corsairs

    about 1/4 way scrolled down.

  •  kg4kpg wrote:

    ...the subject of my Tamiya Corsair in the Corsairs GB.

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  • If you want I can post here some great pics of the Argentinean navy corsairs, the F4U-5N and NL, the schemmes were overall sea blue, and gray/white.

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