Tamiya P-47 78th FG Maj Quince Brown (Complete w/photo)

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Tamiya P-47 78th FG Maj Quince Brown (Complete w/photo)

  • Finished this a while back (2007 I think). OOB with Superscale decals. Hope you like it. 

     One more shot for those who wanted to see more:


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  • Awesome looking Jug! The weathering looks perfect! Thumbs Up [tup]

    Were the checkers around the cowling decals? That must've been maddening to apply

    -Roger AKA "Spike" "Ambition Bites the Nails of Success"-The Fly
  • That looks real nice. Any other views?  Since you joined in 04 and built this in 07, what else do you have hiding there?  Ifthey are half as good as this one let's see 'em.


  • I agree, that is a sweet looking Jug!  I like your photography style too, looks very real.  Put up a photo backdrop and it could pass for the real deal. Thumbs Up [tup]



  • Beautifull looking Jug, why the late post with it?


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  • More pictures more details more more more

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  • Amen to that. More pics of that beauty, please

  •  mucker wrote:
    Amen to that. More pics of that beauty, please
    Sign - Ditto [#ditto]
    -Roger AKA "Spike" "Ambition Bites the Nails of Success"-The Fly
  • Beautiful work!
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  • Thanks for all the kind words. I consider this my "best" US WW2 model. I also  have a 109 which I am quite happy with if you like axis WW2 stuff. As far as the other pictures go, well, I guess you can say I have 'other plans' for them. I don't really think you need a ton of photos of a model. I would rather get a great shot from that perfect angle; however, I guess I can relent and show another angle. I'll edit the orignal post with the additional photo! Thanks again.
  • Love the checker-nosed 47's.  Great looking build!


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  • Hey, New Hapshire, this is one of the 'kits I liked' ;-)