Quick Build - 1/48 Hobbycraft Mig-17

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Quick Build - 1/48 Hobbycraft Mig-17

  • In light of the newer Hobby Boss 1/48 Mig-17F series, I picked up this 1/48 Hobbycraft kit for $5 at the local model show last October. From the start my intentions were a "Quick build", being OOB, with the eintent to use whatever I had laying around...in other words keep it at $5! This meant no "accurate" paint, no masks (which forced me to use the scoth tape method recommended by my friend Carlos) and a tinted cockpit window to block the view of the spartan OOB cockpit. I built this in between sessions on a more serious build for a friend.

    Upon further review I completely missed the paint scheme from the intended target: the mig 17 at the Dayton Air Force Museum.

    Regardless, here are a few pics. All in all it was fun, which was the point for this build.

    Here's the "real" bird. Yes, I botched the camo!!!


    Thanks for looking!



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  • Charles,

    Even if your finished paint scheme didn't quite match the intended bird, it still looks quite good.  And all of that fun for $5, WOW!  Love the -17, may have to get one for my collection.

    Thanks for the pics! Big Smile [:D]



  • AWESOME job, my man!! How long did it take you on this one? I never have been a fan of Hobbycraft kits, but your build is changing my mind. I once bought their A-4M kit, and was very disappointed with it (extremely deep panel lines, poor trial fit, etc.). I subsequently sold it - cheaply - a few weeks later.

    Great paint job, too! You need to explain the "scotch tape" technique to us neophytes. Did you free-hand the paint job?

    Again, AWESOME job!!

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     Who knows when they'll actually be finished.....

  • THanks Frank and Devil Dawg,

    Devil Dog, it took about six weeks to complete, but if you totalled the time spent on this kit, it was probably 2 -3 solid nights of modelling. I like Hobbycraft...but I also know what to expect. So far I have built their P-26 (nice kit), P-35 (Excellent kit), T-33 (Very nice kit) and Hurricane (So-So kit) along with this Mig-17 (Good kit). All of them hand anwhere from good to excellent kit, poor interior detail, and probably a inacuracy or two in the shape...but nothing enough to deter me.

    This Mig was like you A-4M in that the panel lines are very deep on the fuselage (but not the wings!) At the end of the day this was a "Keep it under $5" build and I wanted a Mig-17 next to the Mig 15 on the shelf. As with all of the HC kits, this was a fun build...probably becuase I had no pressure from self expectations.

    The Scotch Tape method, which has been around for ages but I picked up from Carsanab, is when you place a little Scotch "Magic" tape on the panels of the canopy, burnish (I use a toothpick) and cut off the excess with a SHARP hobby blade to create your own masks. Sure I goofed in a few spots but it was a good experience and on smaller canopies, I will try it again.

  • What a sweet build, Charles! I`d say you got a whole lotta bang for your bucks! Thanks for the pics..........Harv
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  • Charles,

    That's a great looking Mig for a quickie! Love the Airforce museum. It's been several years since I've been there.

    Thanks for the post.




  • yeah i agree with everyone else...even if the green "worms" could've been darker you really did a great job! Wink [;)]
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  • Nice work on the Mig.  Thanks for sharing.

    Regards,  Rick

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  • A very nice job, indeed!  I recently picked up the Kitech boxing of this kit on the bay because it was so dirt cheap.  I have to admit I was very disappointed when I first opened the box.  I didn't expect super quality, but I was rather bummed by the poor fit of the wings to the fuselage and I nearly tossed the kit.  But, I've learned my lesson:  Never toss a project until it's completely finished.  A little sanding here, a little filling there, and I ended up with a very nice silver Mig-17 to add to my shelf......

    One good hour working on a model erases 8 bad hours at work!!
  • Hi Charles, it looks a cracker to me. I reckon that your representation of the camo is probably closer to plane in the field, than the one in the museum is.


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  • Thank you, aagranata!

    Guy, you're offically "too kind". In your neck of the world I'd call this a "3 Pint build". After about 3 pints she looks great!