Revell Goodyear Blimp Kit

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Revell Goodyear Blimp Kit

  • I picked up an unbuilt Revell blimp kit at a local flea market.When I got it home I discovered the parts needed for the message drum were missing!Luckily a guy on the Airship modeler website was able to help and now it is together.I intend to take it apart for painting I just put it together to make sure it worked.           
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  • I didn't think there were any of those kits left alive.  I remember when it came out sometime after 1975.  What message are you going to have it show?

  • I am able to make custom messages !I may mention Finescale modeler in a favorable light!
  • I haven't seen one of those in a very long time. I built several when I was a kid, it was fun making the custom messages.


    It is really neat to see one of those again, I wonder if Revell will ever bring them back.

  • Wow,

    Thanks for yankin' me back to the 70's.  I had a blast building that kit and making all kinds of messages for it.  What fun !


  • Wow!, I had one of those way back when.  Nice trip down memory road.

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  • That is cool! I've never seen that one before!Thumbs Up [tup]

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  • Yes I had one in the mid-70's and really liked it!I lucked out by finding it!
  • What a fun kit that is! Good find!

    I built (and still have) the original 1975 issue, bought at a Goodyear tire shop no less.
    I also picked up an unbuilt and complete kit in like-new shape recently at a modeller's flea market for ¥2,500 (about 25 bucks USD). I'm looking forward to reliving the magic!

    Be sure to post yours up when you get 'er done!
  • How cool is that. Ive never ever seen that before. Well cool.


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  • I built that kit way back when.  It was cool.  Wish I knew what happened to it ... probably sacrificed to some villainous plot I cooked up ...
  • I found a copy of that kit recently and gave it to my friend in Hawaii.
  • I painted the body and the fins.Next up Future and then the large Goodyear decals. 
  • I bought a lot of these kits when a local department store with an excellent hobby area went out of business. I sold most of them but still have a couple in my stash. This brings back a lot of memories.
  • They are prettty cool!The mechanism works quite well and the ability to create your own custom messages is a real nice feature!It would be cool if Miller Engineering  could come up with a compterized version!