Czech Model 1/48 Me-263

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Czech Model 1/48 Me-263


         Hello again friends and super heros!  I took on this limited run kit as it was a gift from another forum member. Do most of my stuff in the GB sections but when I did a search for a completed one of these in the forum all I could find was one great example in 1/72 and a lot of bad stuff being said on it.

      So I thought I would post it in the forum here in case anyone wanted a look at the finished kit.

     So this is what a 262 + 1 is equal too!

     ( Built it over at Frank's 262 stormbird GB!  ) Ya outta check that place out a real fun time!









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  • Nice build. I have the 1/72 Huma kit of the Me-263, I hope I can make it look just as good as your build.

  • That kit is a real bugger, nicely done Mac!  You are one of those builders who shrugs off such ill-fitting kits as this and those FM kits.  I don't know how you do it!



  • Looks good Mac.  Certainly an unusual camo scheme.

    Regards,  Rick

    RICK At My Age, I've Seen It All, Done It All, But I Don't Remember It All...
  •  Hey Thanks fellows!  Yes Frank it was a bear of a kit! I still owe the fellow who sent it to me! Evil [}:)] He needs an FM Ventura in his closet just to drive him daffy!

     Rick ! Thanks  I appreciate you commenting!  Always a pleasure to hear from the legendary Tamiya Admiral of the FAA!  I know really nothing about this bird. Just went OOB with the Prototype markings. I added my usual pilot and a few small things like a gunsite, pitot tube and drilled out the cannon ports.

    Borg? Thats a Swedish name not Dutch isn't it? LOL!  Here is a pic of the Huma kit by Razordws! From 2005!  ( Dave)  A good fellow to ask questions of with things 1/72 and definately an airbrush master with that scale! 


     Can't help but notice the details in the wings and such are a bit diff.

     Well I always like a challenge and am too goffy and stubborn to give up!  I hope it shows a good example of this kit built up.

  • Well done, sir! Thumbs Up [tup]

    I've been sitting on this kit for awhile and it's nice to see that it can built up into a good lookin' little rocketship.

    Jeremy    Propeller


  • Nicely done, Aaron.  Came out great!

    aka Mike, The Mikester My Website

    "He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire."   -Winston Churchill

  •  Hey thanks Mikester and Jeremy!  Mike haven't you done one of these? I thought I saw where you had mentioned that?

     I was curious cuz when I did a search to look for others this was these were the only comments I found other than Dave's wondertacious 1/72 Huma kit build.

    I have one of the 1/48 Czech Model ME-263 kits in my stash.  I started on it, then got really frustrated with it and put it in the spares box. Banged Head [banghead]

    Gluing the wing parts together leaves huge gaps and the fuse has an awful twist in it that I have been unable to get straight.  The resin parts are very nice, but the main gear bay looks to be a poor fit.  It could just be my five thumbs per hand, but it seems to me the worst fitting kit I have ever attempted.

    Under the most frustrating kits ever topic..

    Banged Head [banghead]For me, the Czech Models 1/48 ME-263 is a bear!  Horribly warped parts, resin that doesn't even come close to fitting, etc etc.  Never did finish it, and actually pulled it out considering working on it for a New Year's resolution build.  But, then my hands started shaking and head started pounding just thinking about it so I quietly put it back. Sigh [sigh]

     Since these were all the search turned up I felt obligated to show one finished. Anyone else tackle one?

  •  sfcmac wrote:

    Borg? Thats a Swedish name not Dutch isn't it? LOL!  Here is a pic of the Huma kit by Razordws! From 2005!  ( Dave)  A good fellow to ask questions of with things 1/72 and definately an airbrush master with that scale! 



     Borg is indeed not a Dutch name (I like Star Trek and if you write Borg backwards it is a Dutch name.... )

    That 1/72 model looks good, I do not know if I can airbrush that good. I have bought the Huma kit just two weeks ago. It wil fit nicely with the Me-163A, DFS 194, J8M1 I have build and the Me-163 in my stash (mmhhh, I think I see an little trend)

  • Hi!

    Any idea where i can get instructions for this model? I bought mine through E-bay year ago, opened the box just recently and there were no instructions....

    Photocopy or PDF would be just fine.