AZmodel 1/48 F3H Demon - Finished!

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AZmodel 1/48 F3H Demon - Finished!

  • Hi guys, been working on this at the moment and it's nearly finished -

    Using tamiya paints with Humbrol light gull grey, post shading and some of that Promodellers wash. Not an exactly straight forward kit but I'm getting there.
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  • It might not be a straight forward kit but your results are looking good!

  • Now here's one we rarely see here!  Looking very good so far, especially the office.  Good and busy and the washes/drybrushing really brought the detail out.  Excellent! Thumbs Up [tup]



  • Nice job on it so far.  Can't wait to see the finished product.


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  • Looking real good so far Dave.  Keep us posted.

    Regards,  Rick

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  • I can't wait to see her all finished. Gorgeous plane! Don't think I've seen this one built before. Thumbs Up [tup]

    BTW... love the airbrush holder! Make a Toast [#toast]

    Jeremy    Propeller


  • Nice indeed, and an interesting subject.


    To see build logs of my models, go here:

  • overall great work!! Thumbs Up [tup]

    You pay contributions for the white worker with airbrush?


  • Thanks very much guys. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long before I have this one done.
  • Very nice work so far.  I much prefer the older aircraft that have some color to them over the current, "Gray over gray over gray with gray trim".

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  • Cheers! I've got on the tailhook, engine nozzle, air brakes and the most 'do-your-head-in' undercarrige that I've ever had to install!

    I managed to flake away some decals in the process too - god knows how - I'm not beaten yet though!

    Going to leave it alone now before it gets smashed into little bitty pieces
  • Finished - yipee! :D
    Enjoy -

    Loads I like and the few that I don't (mainly my own cockups - forgetting to paint the inside of the canopy black and a couple of slips with the scriber on the underside) but I won't bore you moaning about them all here ;)

    Must say thanks to Phil Juvet and Major Hinton for this webpage -
    This build would have been lost without these fine pictures as the instruction where pretty vague in a lot of places :)
  • Wow... how did I miss the finished Demon?

    Excellent work on the old girl! Your painting and weathering is outstanding plus the cockpit looks beautiful.

    Fine example all around... well done! Thumbs Up [tup]

    Jeremy    Propeller


  •  jmabx wrote:

    Wow... how did I miss the finished Demon?

    Sign - Ditto [#ditto] Sorry I missed these before, stunning work on this build!  Perfect finish, and a subject rarely seen here.  Well done! Approve [^]



  • Very nicely done, Dave!