Albatros D III OEF, Eduard 1/48 | 5- tka Merian Cooper ?

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Albatros D III OEF, Eduard 1/48 | 5- tka Merian Cooper ?

  • It was a long tima waiting project. It started as a transition from Eduard DIII into DIII (OEF) but it did not go too far. So, now since Eduard released a real DIII(OEF) version, I have to make one :)
    Some may already know why i chosen this markings for others a bit history.

    In 1919 a new war broke up in Europe. A war that was not too importnat for some, however it changed history. This war blocked a comunism expansion into western Europe and also secured eastern border of Germany.
    Soviets had a plan to expand into the west. With a current at that time mess in politycal stability this plan had a very good chance to succeed. On Lenin's way stood a newly born Polish Army. As a part of this Army was a group of american volunteers lead by Merian Cooper. Probobly all know his name from a King Kong (the first original release) however he was also an aviator and a fighter.
    Merian Cooper organazied a first AVG  :) and brought them into Poland to fight Soviets.
    The first aircraft they flew was an Albatros DIII (OEF)

    More of the stories can be found here;

    and this is Ludomir Rayski with Maj. Fauntleroy (highest American ranking officer there)

    In Windsor Locks Air Museum is a very nice exhibit focused on Kosciuszko Squadron:

    this is an aircraft I plan to build

    and today : black and aluminum will be in use ...

    Flying is a thrill #2 known to mankind. Landing is #1.

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  • It may sound funny, but ... me too. For a long time the subject of Bolshevik war was a tabu in Poland. A little bit of information was within school curriculum. At that time one can learn about real history of Poland from parents, and older members of close family.

    It took a quite some time before the story have been brought to the general public.

    I remember reading a book of Norman Davies "White Eagle, Red Star. The Polish-Soviet War 1919-1920 and the miracle on the Vistula" published in London, 1972. Author described how he promoted his book while giving a lecture on Labor Unions History in England for Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw. The original lecture supposed to be on the Polish-Bolshevik war, however it has to be changed due to special visitors ... few delegats from Moscow. 

    Norman performed his speach while hist book, he placed near forst row of listeners, was taken from hand to hand and at the end of his "interesting lecure" every one had a very good idea what the whole thing was about. At that time the book not accessible for a general public in Poland. Only underground copies were distributed.

    It took a long time , almost 25 years to oficialy publish this book in Poland.

    An interesting reading if you have an urge to know history.

    Highly recomended:



    Flying is a thrill #2 known to mankind. Landing is #1.

  • Wow, that is something I had never heard of.  That is one of the reasons I love this hobby, there is so much history.  It is amazing how many facinating things fall through the cracks.  I don't think many Americans know how bad (and how many times) the west has let Poland down.  It is nice to see one time some Americans didn't.

    By the way, the wood effect looks great.  What is your secret?  Great thread, I will be watching this one.



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  • trying to get this wood effect ... not sure if I am getting there yet

    ideally it will look like this one :

    Flying is a thrill #2 known to mankind. Landing is #1.

  • Engine is almost ready. Details are too small for me ... not sure if my fingers can handle such elements

    Flying is a thrill #2 known to mankind. Landing is #1.