I'm Baaaaack! P-47D-22 Razorback - Stallag Luft III I Wanted Wings Button Nose

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I'm Baaaaack! P-47D-22 Razorback - Stallag Luft III I Wanted Wings Button Nose

  • After three years of...

    • avoiding back and neck surgery with a lot of PT,
    • selling about half my stash of some very hard to find subjects to pay the bills during a 'bout of unemployment - Turns out my stash yielded over 6 years a better return on investment (39% increase) than anything my broker invested in over that time. Put your money in PLASTIC, RESIN and VACUFORM, not Gold! :-)
    • and countless other family challenges...

    ... I have returned to my beloved hobby of modelling US Military WWII aircraft.

    This project was over three years in the making (mostly due to aforementioned delays) and I was able to apply the finishing touches just this weekend. 

    This is a Tamiya 1/48 scale P-47 "Razorback" modelled after a plane (P-47D-22 No. 226290) that had several names given all the nose art: "Stallag Luft III", "I Wanted Wings", and "Button Nose". The plane was flown by the 62nd Fighter Squadron's Yellow Leader, 1st Lt. Albert P. Knafelz.

    I modelled the plane to look somewhat weathered. Not too heavy, but heavy enough. Pics below along with a couple of the original plane. Good to be back.





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    1/48 scale Tamiya P-47 "Razorback" - Complete
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  • Beautiful work!  I always liked the Razorback version of the 47 as well.  The bubble top makes it look out of proportion I think.  I love the paint job.  You gave it good attention to detail.  Great job especially after being out of the hobby for a few years.  Welcome back.



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  • Nice work! Unconventional camo scheme couldnt have been easy, you made it turn out really well!

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  • Just noticed that photo's from my friend, the late Jeff Ethell's collection.. He was killed flying a P-38 (He entered a flat-spin after losing power in one engine and never recovered) on my anniversary with my third wife, 6 Jun 97... Jeff had arguably the finest collection of WW2 color aircraft photos I've ever seen.  So many, in fact, that I never would have been able to look at all of them in a single day...  His Dad and my Dad had been friends (and both flown P-38s an P-51s), so I guess it was natural that Jeff and I hit off too.. We didn't get to see much of each other though, so we'd link up at the CAF Airsho in Midland every year.  He'd written many books and article about flying combat aircraft, especially fighters, enough that the USAF gave him his own callsign, "Fighterwriter"...

    Matter of fact, we were supposed to go flying together at Midland that very year in September, as he was going to be doing some more of his "Roaring Glory" videos, this time featuring the A-26 Invader.

  • ToastDitto


  • Welcome back, love the unusual camo on that P47. Yes

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  • Welcome back, and congrats on the Jug!  I like the razorback, too, I built the Monogram kit earlier this year, as Frank Klibbe's "Little Chief", and I have another one in the stash.

    I like your finish, and it underscores a point about these ETO birds, it's not always so, to weather them like an aircraft serving out of New Guinea, say.  "Little Chief", for example, was cleaned and waxed from time to time.  I think that's overlooked sometimes.

    Best regards,


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  • Thanks all for the compliments.

    I see some familiar names here from back in 2007. Good to see you're still at it. 

    Cannot wait to share the Testors / Lone Star PT-22 conversion. It's like working on a cigar or a 1/72 scale plane right now. Need something bigger after this. C-47 picked out by my son should suffice.

    And good to be back.

    Current and Subsequent Projects:
    1/48 scale Tamiya P-47 "Razorback" - Complete
    1/48 scale Testors/Lone Star Models PT-22 Recruit - 20% Complete 
    1/48 scale Monogram C-47 Skytrain - Not Started

  • Well done. I really like the unusual camo job on that one. I think it will make this one stand out in a virtual sea of OD green A/C from that period.


  • Great looking Jug.  Makes a great return to the Hobby.

    Regards,  Rick

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  • Nice leap back into the hobby!  I too like the Razorbacks.  It just makes a big plane look bigger.  Nice scheme and well done.  Welcome back, have fun.  Rick.


  • Giggity!!!

    Looks great!

  • Very nice t-bolt, I like the scheme as I dont think I've seen it before. I know the bubbletop versions of these and the Mustang are far more popular but I really like the razorback versions myself. Kinda funny, I met the daughter-in-law of WWII ace Billy Edens who apparentlly lives close by and flew these. She said she would be glad to introduce me to him and that he loved to talk about his experiences during the war.


    BTW, welcome back to the forums!! Glad to see things are going well enough for you to now get back to something you enjoy doing!!