Getting replacement parts from Trumpeter models.

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Getting replacement parts from Trumpeter models.

  • Have any of you guys had problems with getting replacement parts from Trumpeter models.


    I have been chasing them for a replacement part now for at least five months and as far I am concern their customer service support is terrible, even to the point that they ignor repeated requests from my local hobby store.


    I would be interested to hear what experiances any of you may have had to date with Trumpeter models.


    Kind regards,





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  • i'm sure you tried the trumpeter website. a lot of chinese pln ships not seen in the us. anyway i couldn't find contact information on the page. has stevens international been any help?

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  • MMD / Squadron is also a US importer of Trumpeter now.  Try giving them a call and see if they can help.


    Edit:  Sorry, just noticed your in Germany, try calling their German / EU importer.

  • I had a problem several years ago with the booms on a 1/32 P-38 broken.  I contacted the US distributor Stevens International.  After bugging them several times I got 1/2 of the booms.  I never did get a replacement for the other half.  I finally gave up.

    Chinese companies are not known for their customer service.


  • Try:     Stevens International

             P.O. Box 126

             Magnolia    NJ   08049

             Attn: Consumer Department


    I asked for and received replacement parts for a Trumpter ship kit very quickly and for only the cost of shipping.

    Hope this information helps,




  • Thanks to all of you for your replys and helpful advise.

    It really is a shame that a new player like Trumpeter can't get their act together when it comes to customer service.

    I can't see how it will win them any friends in the long term.