Fokker Super Universal... Any kits of it?

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Fokker Super Universal... Any kits of it?

  • Just received stamps featuring a aircraft I have been (s-l-o-w-l-y) building and the corner set shows a Fokker Super Universal on the set.

    Would like to know if any manufacture made a styrene kit of this plane?

    Will post pictures of the stamps showing what it will look like if I build it.

    It looks like the famous tri-engine yet only one engine and obviously smaller. Its shown with yellow wings and a dark blue fuselage on floats. 

    Thanks in advance!




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  • Jason, I think VLE made a vacform Super Universal in 1/72.  Lars Opland (Khee Kha) makes resin floats appropriate for the VLE Super Universal.

    Here is a photo of a Japanese registered Super Universal.


    To see build logs of my models, go here:

  • jeaton01

    Thanks for the reply and link. I checked out the site and must say its a great resource for float planes!

    I checked out VLE models and being a small company their web site is difficult to navigate. Tried to E-mail and it did not send so I will try the good old' phone call next week.




  • jeaton01

    Here is a photo of a Japanese registered Super Universal.

    Here is the Canadian version I hope to model one day:



  • Bob Wheeler is the guy behind VLE.  I seem to remember that he has retired from new production but he is worth a try.  Here's hoping!


    To see build logs of my models, go here:

  • jeaton01

    Bob Wheeler is the guy behind VLE.  I seem to remember that he has retired from new production but he is worth a try.  Here's hoping!

    Have some sad news...

    On VLE models main page it says Bob Wheeler passed away on September 6, 2011

    I will phone next week anyway, I am sure Bob would have wanted someone to carry on his dedicated work and love for modeling. Sounds like he was a well liked and respected man, will update this thread when I find out more.



  • Wow,reminds me of the very good Frog model of "Southern Cross".

    S-fire I would guess that the wings of your stamp a/c are meant to be clear varnished wood.

    John, been too long. 

  • Did some research on the aircraft G-CASK and its significance to Canadian aviation.

    Quoted below is a quote from the book:

    Wings Across Canada: An Illustrated History of Canadian Aviation [Hardcover]

    Peter Pigott

    How an airplane is used is significant because of what it reveals about a particular period in the history of a nation. Fokker Universals were used in 1927 to explore and map the Hudson Straits for navigation by ocean-going ships. The Fairchild FC-2 and W-2 was originally designed for aerial surveying, but proved so reliable they were used by the famous "Flying Postmen" of Quebec in the 1930s to deliver mail to isolated northern communities. A Fokker Super Universal G-CASK flew the prospector, Gilbert Labine to Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, where Labine discovered "the richest deposit of pitchblende in history." Junkers W33/34 were synonymous with bush flying in Canada in the late 1930s. We're told that "German pilots broke long distance records with [these planes], and one ...made the first successful east-west Atlantic crossing on April 12, 1928, landing at Greely Island, Labrador." In the 1930s Canadian Airways used Junkers to transport "mining equipment, fuel drums, canoes [even] sled dogs" for those making a living from trapping or prospecting.

    Unfortunately G-CASK met its demise on March 31, 1933 during a refueling accident in Fort Mac Murray Alberta Quote taken from Aviation Safety Networks web site:

    Caught fire during refuelling.
    This was my Grandfather's craft. They (Walter Gilbert and his mechanic) were refueling her when the hose became detached and slid down the side of the fuse creating static electricity. This was before any shutoff safety valves in the fueling process - the still pumping fuel sparked and caught the plane afire - a total loss except for about 8" of the prop which I still have made into a bookend. A very sad ending to a VERY historic plane. Of all the planes my Grandfather flew - he always had a special spot for G-CASK.

    British Civil Aircraft Registers 1919-1999
    Oral - as told by MacKee Trophy winner ('32) and Canadian Hall of Fame member Walter Gilbert to his Grandson

    To be honoured on a stamp is very significant and I take the colors are accurate. I located a restored example at the Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba. CF-AMM was a mail carrier



  • Hi Jason,

    The VLE vac kit is a Fokker Universal, smaller than a Super U. by just a bit & open-cockpit. I got mine from Roy Lee at Southern Sky Models in Australia & there may be 1 or 2 left. The wing leading edge on the Super U. has a kinked "shoulder" for a couple feet on the inboard end, lacking from the Universal. I can fix you up with the EDO J-5300 floats for G-CASK if you can sort the rest.

    A nice plan for the Super Universal was published in the Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal some years ago.

    Lars Opland,

    Khee-Kha Art Products

  • Thanks Lars!

    Appreciate the reply and information. I stopped by your site as suggested by previous reply, must say your products are of top quality and fill a gap left by the larger manufactures. Yes

    Right now a Noorduyn UC-64A  Norseman CF-SAM has been occupying all hobby time. Once complete I am interested in building the Fokker Super Universal G-CASK.