1/32 B-17 and 25?

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1/32 B-17 and 25?

  • Hey Guys,

    Need just a little help here - just came into a little extra model money (ain't that always just the coolest thing?) and I'd really like to order a 1/32 scale B-17, a B-25 and maybe a Lancaster.

    The question - who has them in stock?

    Any help I can get on where to order would be great. I've already tried Sprue and Squadron but they're out of stock, so I need a place that has these kits on the shelf right now.

    Once again, thanks for all the help, Fellas.


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  • Hiya buddy. To the best of my knowledge, there are no B-17 or lancaster kits in that scale. There are B-25's By Hong Kong Models and Wing XL. I believe one of the Wing XL kits is currently being built on here, i think DoogsATX is building it.


    Got your last e-mail, will get back to you today.

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  • HKmodels has not yet released the B-17 or Lanc.



  • I saw the B-25 in this month's FSM, and i see now that they still haven't released the 17, but where can I get a 25? I'd really like to order one by the end of the week, I just need to know where to get the beast.

  • I have a feeling the initial release may now be OOP, they don't have it on Sprue Brothers or Hannants. The others all seem to be pending. Your only hope may be E-Bay.

     ''I am a Norfolk man, and I glory in being so''

    On the bench: Airfix 1/72nd P-61 Black Widow

  • According to Pacific Coast Models website they have them, but stock is very low. Sprue Bros also lists them in stock. Let us know how you make out.

  • Right, I see now that sprue bros has them. I'll be ordering by thursday and I'll keep you posted. I'd like to see as many build logs as I can so if anyone has a link ...

    I still REALLY want a 17 in this scale. Anyone heard any projected release dates?

  • Garylee et al,

    I've seen several posting regarding the HK B-17G. It's supposed to be released around Christmas.

    I am currently building the HK B-25J. It's a very nice kit. The engines are two models unto themselves. Fit is very good. Detail is very good. Not much on the interior but you aren't going to see much once it's put together. I hear Eduard has just released a bunch of stuff for this kit.

    I'd suggest that if you do get it, get yourself a set of metal landing gear. This is BIG plane and it needs half a pound in the nose to sit on the gear. No joke.


  • Untill HKmodels comes with a 1/32 B-17 I think the Combat/roberts vacform is the only avaible kit. But it is a very difficult build, you might as well start scratch building it.

  • The B-17 is on the way- I helped a bit with the CAD model development.  It's going to be a G with the Cheyenne tail turret, and according to the press release, raised rivets and lapped panels.  


  • Here's a 1/28 scale wooden "stick model" B-17, if you like that kind of thing.  Beware, it's huge!


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  • I for one am waiting on that 1/32 B-17 as well!


  • A few months ago I e-mailed my wife, family and friends that I would like both of these for Christmas.

    I will have to resend a gentle reminder.

    Oh, and btw my FSM family are welcome to gift me one of these also!Big Smile


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  • At the moment HK models have only the B25 J "Glass Nose" version out. I have one sitting next to me and it it a very good kit. It is let down by very bad decals.

    The decals have no stenciling at all and the quality is bad and is the only letdown in the kit. The instructions are adequate but you still need to do lots of dry fitting before you apply glue and I would recommend lots of painting on sprues first.

    Now this is not a small kit so you will need somewhere quite spacious to build and display.

    One thing I will say and that is while the internal detail is good, this kit deserves much more and I would recommend both eduard and profimodeller addons - especially the nosewheight addon from profimodeller as both sets provide stuff thet the other sets leave out.

    I am slowly preparing to build this kit by getting the eduard sets. I already have most of the profimodeller sets already in and I am so tempted to start, but I need to wait until eduard release the rest of their update sets.

    I will freely admit that eduards update sets have much more in then than the profimodeller sets but both will complement each other as I am building.

    For instance the eduard cockpit set is full of stuff for detailing the cockpit while the profimodeller provides etched detail for the bomb aimers tunnel as well as some resin electrical cable etc.

    now the profimodeller instructions are not very good at all and you will spend lots of time thinking and dry fitting things, but the end result is worth it.

    I would also recommend profimodellers MG barrels for this model as they will replace the kit barrels with far better turned brass ones.

    now getting back to HK models' next release.

    I am not sure which one it will be, but Profimodeller are already advertising the strafer version of the B25 and have already produced some detail stuff for it


    You might read the news section on the home page which tells you when HK models stuff is going to be released


    you may also want to get both the canopy masks and the paint masks for the B25 from them too as it would be more worthwile spraying on the national insignia then using the useless decals!



  • James.....This link should help for better decals



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