Supermodel 1/72 Cant Z. 1007 bis Alcione (Series IV - Bideriva)

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Supermodel 1/72 Cant Z. 1007 bis Alcione (Series IV - Bideriva)

  • C.R.D.A. Cant Z. 1007bis “Alcione” (Serie IV- Bideriva)

    Medium bomber, reconaissance & transport aircraft
    212e Squadriglia, 51e Gruppo, 16e Stormo, August 1942, Alghero, Sardinia

    - Dunning, Chris: Regia Aeronautica, The Italian Air Force 1923-1945 – An operational history, Hersham 2009
    - Garello, G: C.R.D.A. Cant Z.1007, La Bancarella Aeronaitica, Torino 2002

    The Dutch Fokker G-1 Reaper, heavy fighter. If we only would have had more of them back in May 1940....

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  • Wow! Thats excellent!! How did you do the camo?  The colors look phenomonal. I like the Dio and your overall presentation.


  • Unreal work!
    Please reveal the camo technique.
  • Nice!  Is this handpainted?

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  • Wha???? I dont usually do smiley's but.....

     Jaw Dropping emoticon (Shocked emoticons)



  • Thanks for the kind words, guys. And yes it's all handpainted which took me 2 weeks. I first painted the beast in desert yellow: 2 thin layers. I then started to work with live green paintin thin wrinkeling short green lines with a fine brush. After that I dotted the lines to make them in a irregular  pattern. This took ages and I had to stop each time  after an hour because I strated to see blotches and dots everywhere ;-) Then I sparsely added the brown paint. After that I applied a thin layer of gloss varnish, applied the decals (which come from 3 different kits because I wanted to build an Alcione of this specific squadron) and finally secured it al by a layer of matt varnish. The whole job took a lot of patience, but hey: I did it!



    The Dutch Fokker G-1 Reaper, heavy fighter. If we only would have had more of them back in May 1940....

  • What an awesome bird! Great job ! Really dig that hand-painted camo

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  • Nice!  Very Nice!


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  • Jan, I take it that this a 1/72 scale kit of the Alcione. I have the same kit and have been waiting for the courage to try the paint scheme that you used. I think that you have truly brought out this kits  just rewards. Just beautiful.

  • Wow. The work that you've done on that camo scheme is fantastic. It's the number one reason that I haven't touched any of the Italian aircraft in my stash. I definitely don't have the skills yet for those camo schemes. Well done!

  • What they said! Camo is simply amazing. As much as my hands cramp now, they would be little knots after t his. Bravo.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. I am simply in awe of your patience and skill. And I am referring to the overall build as I am familiar with that kit. I built that kit over 30 yrs ago when I was in HS and when I got back into the hobby that was the one of the first kits I got as a throwback to my early modeling days. It is an old kit that is short on detail but, you have done a magnificent job. Did you do any extra work on the cockpit or other interior areas? Certainly  intrigued by what else you did to this kit as I do want to build it again.


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  • Incredible paint work!   That is quite impressive, and in 1/72 scale no less.  Bravissimo!


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  • The camo is simply outstanding as is the entire build, including the figures. My highest compliments to you, Jan.


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  • Very nice cammo job, mate.  That must have taken half of forever!

    Thanks for the sure made a sweet job of it.

    Cheers, LeeTree Remember, Safety Fast!!!