1/48 Lockheed F-94B (Factory Fresh)

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1/48 Lockheed F-94B (Factory Fresh)

  • Wow! That is an outstanding NMF sbemo. Really stunning.


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  • You forgot to put the factory sticker.  Hehehe.  Really great job.  Shes a beauty!

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  • Oooooo!  Now THAT'S purty!!!  Excellent job on that NMF without a doubt.


  • Thank you, John

  • Thank you, Lee

  • Thank you, Glenn

  • Thank you, yes have had the F-94A and F-94B in my stash for awhile. I need to make T-33 and KittyHawk F-94C, also, lol.

  • Thank you, Joe

  • Thank you, Allan

  • Thank you, Eric