F-15 1/32

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F-15 1/32

  • Hello, i have built some planes in 1/32 :


    - A-7 with scratch engine:





    - F-4 with scratch engine and movable engine bay:



    - F-86 with a lot of scratch :


    I begin a F-15 with scratch engine :



    I can’t find photos of the down side of the engine and of the engine bay (open). I need also photos of the avionics bays.

    Somebody can help me?


    Sorry, my English is not so good!!




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  • Very impressive work Honda! Those are some award winning models you build Thumbs Up [tup]


     Homer Simpson for president!!!

  • Wow! That's simply amazing! keep up the good work.
    Also, what paint/technique did you use for the nozzels?


  • Hello, the end of engine bays :

    And movable airbrake :


  • Hello, the end of engjne bays :

    It was hard to make !!!!!!!





    I will try to built a movable airbrake :




  • Hello, movable engine bay 1






  • perfectBow [bow]
  • Welcome to the Forum Honda1.  I have to say I am very impressed with the amout of detail that you put into your models. What a very original idea to open and detail the engines and bays. I espeicaly liked the F-86 Saber.  I to am working on a cutaway.  Its of an F-104 1/32.  I can only hope it comes out half a good as yours. Take care. 


    Trevor M

  • Very nice detailed work.  I wish I had that talent.  The only problem I see is you have the F-4 engine up side down.  The BLC ducts are located on top of the engine.  The bottom contains the Oil Pump Accessory Housing (OPAH). Main Fuel Control (MFC), After Burner Fuel Control (ABFC), plus several control boxes and other components.   


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  • Welcome to the Forum.  That's really great work.  How long have you been modeling?  I love the idea of building the plane around scratch built engines.  Really would like to see how you go about it.
  • Wow!  Great detail work on the engine!  That is really a lot of work and talent there!  Can't wait to see the finished F-15. 

    Clear Left!


    Clear Left!


  • Hello, i also work on the cockpit
    Thanks Mister Eduard !!!!!!!!!


  • Hey!
    Very nice work, Honda - and welcome to the forums.
    Please keep posting pics as the F-15 as you progress in the build.
    Thanks for the pics!
    Cheers, LeeTree Remember, Safety Fast!!!
  • Your work is awesome.  Keep postin pics please



  • Thats awesome work that you've done. Have you considered trying to get your pictures in the FSM print magazine? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be very hard,especially with your quality of work.