1:48 Revell B-17F -> Memphis Belle? B-29 -> Enola Gay?

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1:48 Revell B-17F -> Memphis Belle? B-29 -> Enola Gay?

  • I have ordered the standard Revell B-17F kit and was enquiring to see if there are any decals available to build it as the Memphis Belle in this scale.

    Likewise...the B-29 I intend to build I would like to deck out with the Enola Gay decals.

    Both these aircraft are available in other scales but could not find any reference to either in 1:48.

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  • Pity you want them in 1/48, because you could get off the shelves, with the right decals, from Academy.  In 1/48, Zotz have a sheet of decals for B-17F including the Memphis Belle'.  It shows as being out of stock from Hannants, though.  I'm pretty sure Microscale had the 'Atomic bombers' on a 1/48 sheet at some stage...
  • There really seems to be so many pros and cons for each scale. The 1:48...for me is a good conpromise between detail, completed size and cost. The downside seems to be the "extras". I was looking for a WWII era US refuelling truck and found they are quite rare in 1:48 but plentiful in 1:72.

  • The 1/48 B-17F by Revell is becoming a rare kit as the masters had been damaged about a year ago and Revell-Monogram does not care to invest in repairing them. You can still find it on Evil-Bay and it does include the 'Memphis Belle' decals. The Zotz sheet also includes these markings along with many other very nice sets. The 1/48 G is readily availible and with the upcoming nose sets from Cutting Edge you can convert that to the 'Memphis Belle'. The Monogram 1/48 B-29 is also readily availible from hobby shops, the latest repop includes corrected propellers and 'Enola Gay' markings..
  • OMG...silly me... I actually got my mitts on a B-17G...not the B-17F.

    I better pay more attention or I might be silly enough to stick the wrong decals on the wrong model or something.

    The B-29 review of the kit I got actually noted the ability to "easily" arm the B-29 with a fatman, little Boy or conventional load. I guess this also semi-implies the Enola Gay, Bocks Car or other decals are provided. As a side note...as noted in a review the Bocks Car decals are a "post Nagasaki" decal set and thus should be built with "fatman" absent. The decal depicts a "Saltlake Cit...Nagasaki" type artwork and as Nagasaki was a secondary target and the whole mission was top secret there is no way the artwork would have been done before the drop.