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  •  Looking for help in finding decals for 1/48 USN PBY5A Catalina still available


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  • RC hobbies in Fort Lauderdale, FL has bunch of them for sale.

    I usully check the box they have and 1/48 were available, you may want to check their

    site RChobbies.com or call them. I dont have their #, but you can look that up online at yellow pages or 411. Good luck.

  •   Still need help finding decals for a US NAVY 1/48 PBY5A. Thought I had a set at the last minute on E-Bay but when they came they are for a PBY5.Late WWII is the era. My model is 95% complete and I could really use them now !!
  •    Still need help finding decals for a PBY5A USNAVY. I thought I found a set at Flightdecs who carry many brands but they do not have the YELLOWHAMMER #48-11 decal any longer !!  ( 1/48 scale)

     Does anyone know any body else that carries YELLOWHAMMER decals ???


  •  I checked and Monogram kit # 5609 is a PBY5

    I'm checking now to see if Yellowhammer Decals still produces #Y48-11 for the 5A. I got the address from Bob at Iliad Designs.Nice guy !!!

  •  That would be US NAVY
  • radartec, check your mail. You specified USN catalina so I'm a little unsure now if you mean USN or Air force.


  •  Yes, Monogram kit # 5613 w/Air Force decals for the rescue version
  •  I tried both. Eaglestrike had none and Aeromaster has one for the PBY5.(no attached wheel landing gear)If you have any other ideas ,let me know.Thanks for the info
  • I believe you can find some under the Aeromaster and Eaglestrike links here:



  • you mean the monogram one?