Next Project- Rutan Voyager

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Next Project- Rutan Voyager

  • This is one of those projects that just sort of "happened".  I've got too many projects kicking around as it is (Spruce Goose, Bv 222, Short Stirling...), but I'd had the Amodel 1/72 Rutan Voyager kit just sitting there, saying "build me, build me...".  Well, I finally broke down and started ANOTHER project-

    This project, while perfect by no means, will probably just be OOB.  I may add a detail or two, but nothing major.  The interior can't be seen, so I just added a small seat that probably won't be noticed.  

    Stay tuned for updates, as this shouldn't take too long. 

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  • Well Mike, as usual you have come up with another interesting subject.  Looking forward to seeing your progress on it.
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  • I love all of Rutans aircraft, and seeing one modeled is always exciting.  Ill be paying attention to this one!



  • Burt Rutan has designed and built some very unusual aircraft, which all make very interesting and unique models.  Good luck with the Voyager.

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  • Thanks for the comments, guys.

    I've got the outer wings and forward canards attached, and the first primer coat is on.  Now I just need to deal with the seams, all of which are rather nasty.  I'll get photos of that once I'm all finished up.

    That which does not kill you makes you stranger...
    -The Joker
  • I saw the Voyager when Rutan brought it to Oshkosh. It's an intersting airplane. I too will be watching your progress
  • Okay- I got the outer wings on, the airframe was primed, sanded, and painted. 

    Next up- gloss coat and decals!

    (I added a few extra details, namely the canard tab and rear tail antenna.  Only recently did I learn the canard tab is on the wrong side!  D'oh!  Ah, well.  I'm too lazy to change it now, and 99% probably won't know the difference) 

    That which does not kill you makes you stranger...
    -The Joker
  • Looking good.  One thing I have to say though is the canard tab IS on the wrong sorry (i thought id take the once in a lifetime opprotunity to criticize SOMETHING on your work haha)



  •  gtother wrote:

    (i thought id take the once in a lifetime opprotunity to criticize SOMETHING on your work haha)

    Laugh [(-D]  Point taken! 

    It's interesting, though.  Take a look at this photo here:

    If you look closely, it's almost as though there are TWO of them!  (Although I did see the walkaround photos of the original as it hangs in the Smithsonian, and yes, I goofed.)

    That which does not kill you makes you stranger...
    -The Joker
  • Wonderful work on an interesting project as always.

    I found an article on the Channel Wing and thought of you.  Why do odd planes and you do together?

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  • So what are you going to use for a clearcoat on that all white beastie, Lucien?  The all white beastie is looking good, by the way.  I ask because I am trying to decide whether to risk clear coating an Airfix TSR.2 now that I have the decals on.


    To see build logs of my models, go here:

  • I've put one clear coat on so far and just finished decalling it.  I used Future floor polish, although admittedly I put it on way too thick.  I had some major running problems over several parts, and when I tried to remedy it with a paintbrush, I found out the hard way that I need to make sure brushes are completely clean!  That meant cleanup with (still wet) Future, while keeping it looking decent.

    The end result ain't perfect, but I think it'll work.

    Any imperfections I have will be cleared up with another coat of Future.  I may not flat coat it like I usually do, as the original was rather shiny.

    As soon as I put on another clear coat, probably Wednesday night, I'll update again.

    I always clear coat a model again after I put decals on, gloss first, then I hit it with a flat coat.  The second gloss coat is used to tie all the different surfaces (piant and decals) together, and then a final flat coat to determine the final sheen. 

    Thanks for the comments, guys!  This sucker is almost finished! 

    That which does not kill you makes you stranger...
    -The Joker
  • Two gloss coats, some rebuilt landing gear, and a few decals later, here's where I stand:


    The gloss coats gave me a few headaches, as the first one was WAY too thick and ran quite badly.  Everything was rectified with the second, however.  The landing gear legs needed to ALL be replaced, as they snapped when I cut them from the sprues.  

    I still need to add a few things.  Landing gear details, side windows, and landing gear doors.  The kit doors I think are wrong- they split into two halves, while I belive that the real ones opened in one piece.

    More research, I think.

    This thing is nearly finished.  Stay tuned! 

    That which does not kill you makes you stranger...
    -The Joker
  • Lucien, you are doing on outstanding job on the model kit I would rate the "worst molded Kit ever produced". Your example turned out far better than mine. You can be very proud of your accomplishment. As a side note, I remember Voyagers first appearance at Oshkosh. It spent the first several hours when it arrived orbiting the field at high altitude before it came down and landed so we could get a good look at it. Quite an impressive aircraft.



  • Very nice job on that little piece of history.  You really need to break off one of the wing tips though if you're for the "operational" lookWink [;)]


    BTW Someone sent me a link about a 1/48 scale B-52 that will be released soon and I immediately thought that was right up your alley.  Have you seen it?