1/48 Revell BF-110 G2

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1/48 Revell BF-110 G2

  • Hi all, My Girlfriend recently bought me this kit and I wanted to know if anyone had built it.  She wants to learn how to build a model so I figured I would let her help me with this one.  The info is much appreciated.


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  • Chris:


    In my opinion, this is one of Revell's better kits. I found the fit and detail to be outstanding and opted to not use AM resin or PE (which would spruce it up even more). It may not be the best choice for her first model, just becuase of the complexity a 2 seater, twin engine aircraft has over a single piston engine tail dragger, but what do I know.

    Not the best pics, but here's how mine came out:

    Hope this helps. Please post pics!

  • I have started this kit, but am still in the early stages of the build. I have built the engine nacelles, cut off the nose to accept the resin replacement and I am tackling the cockpit slowly. So far it is a nice kit, but I sidelined it to get at kits that I had made more progress on.

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  • I built the Pro-Modeler version of this kit, which is actually a G4 but I think it is essentially the same kit.  I don't remember any problems building this one at all, and it was one of my best builds at the time.  I built it wheels-up so I could hang it since at the time I didn't own a good display cabinet.  Would love to build another wheels down now that I do have a good cabinet.

  • Nice pictures guys, mine is not done yet, any of you have a picture of Me 110 G2 cockpit....

  • The detail and fit is pretty good on this kit with one exception. The way the wing is break down is weird. The wing when assembled is slightly thinner than the stubs on the body so make sure you have some putty. The interior detail is top notch and I can see no need to replace it with a resin one. Mabye a little added photo etch. The only major problem with the kit is the engine spinner and panel directly behind the engine are no were near the dimensions of the real thing. The spinners a way to small the engines are undersized and the exaust is in the wrong place. The wing panel lacks the distintive hump very noticeable flaws. I use the cutting edge correction set to repair these flaws on mine but it is major surgory and not for everyone.



  • Hey Guys, thanks for the Info!!  I gives me a really good idea of what to do.  I think I will just add some seat belts and maybe try to correct the outside detail.  Thanks Again Guys, your build look awesome!!Thumbs Up [tup]


  • Hope you have fun with it!
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