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Group Build Schedule

Posted by Tim Kidwell
Viewed 8910 times
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"Century series Jets" GB 2014-2015

Posted by Theuns
Viewed 20612 times
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2015 Messerschmitt Bf 109 Group Build

Posted by mustang1989
Viewed 22606 times
Latest post
  • 959

Ju 87 Stuka GB

Posted by Bish
Viewed 76115 times
Latest post
  • 2317

Japanese Group Build Part IV

Posted by Gamera
Viewed 2688 times
Latest post
  • 116

The Official 2015 Red Hot and Rollin' 2015 Automotive Group Build

Posted by mustang1989
Viewed 5865 times
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  • 264

50th Anniversary Vietnam War Group Build

Posted by stikpusher
Viewed 22536 times
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Posted by Matt-Joachim
Viewed 6544 times
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Posted by waynec
Viewed 4264 times
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Posted by SchattenSpartan
Viewed 36438 times
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Third Annual Berny Memorial Group Build

Posted by Son Of Medicine Man
Viewed 36766 times
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  • 1285

Second Annual USAF Vietnam Group Build

Posted by Son Of Medicine Man
Viewed 6587 times
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  • 199

Reich Defenders V: Hunters of the Dark

Posted by Thunderbolt379
Viewed 3852 times
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  • 131

Aces Group Build Updated Roster & NEW & IMPROVED BADGE

Posted by greentracker98
Viewed 734 times
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  • 23

Monogram Mafia III

Posted by stikpusher
Viewed 32391 times
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  • 934

Star Wars GB Episode II

Posted by Bish
Viewed 7353 times
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  • 274

100th Anniversary of WWI GB

Posted by GreySnake
Viewed 31121 times
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  • 806

USMC GB : Now until Sept 2015

Posted by ygmodeler4
Viewed 10295 times
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Armour in the West GB (Defence of the Reich)

Posted by Bish
Viewed 13569 times
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  • 452

World at War 1939-1940 Group Build

Posted by checkmateking02
Viewed 12534 times
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