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A portal to all the current group build projects--members getting together to build specific subjects, share their experiences, and help each other.
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Group Build Schedule

Posted by Tim Kidwell
Viewed 6801 times
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Ju 87 Stuka GB

Posted by Bish
Viewed 49444 times
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  • 1850

Airliner Group Build 2014-2015

Posted by Fly-n-hi
Viewed 822 times
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Posted by SchattenSpartan
Viewed 18956 times
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  • 638

Third Annual Berny Memorial Group Build

Posted by Son Of Medicine Man
Viewed 22649 times
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  • 1053

Japanese Group Build Part III

Posted by Gamera
Viewed 28714 times
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  • 844

Fw 190 Butcher Bird 2013 (extended to June 2014) Group Build

Posted by mustang1989
Viewed 298730 times
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  • 5839

Attention Comardes! Official Pride of Mikoyan-Gurevich GB Launches...

Posted by Porkbits
Viewed 132 times
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FineScale Modeler Orphaned Armor Group Build 2014

Posted by Tim Kidwell
Viewed 20063 times
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  • 735

Armour in the West GB (D-Day to Berlin)

Posted by Eagle90
Viewed 9126 times
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  • 286

Dawn of the Jet Age GB

Posted by ajd3530
Viewed 5367 times
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  • 212

"Century series Jets" GB 2014-2015

Posted by Theuns
Viewed 11887 times
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  • 476

50th Anniversary Vietnam War Group Build

Posted by stikpusher
Viewed 9588 times
Latest post
  • 292

1944 Group Build

Posted by Bish
Viewed 42374 times
Latest post
  • 1381

100th Anniversary of WWI GB

Posted by GreySnake
Viewed 22122 times
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  • 724

World at War 1939-1940 Group Build

Posted by checkmateking02
Viewed 6615 times
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  • 243

Hunters II - Official WW2 Tank Hunter GB 2014

Posted by SchattenSpartan
Viewed 22471 times
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  • 629


Posted by waynec
Viewed 11119 times
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  • 411

Second Annual USAF Vietnam Group Build

Posted by Son Of Medicine Man
Viewed 2538 times
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  • 101

Aces Group Build

Posted by greentracker98
Viewed 350 times
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