Gunze Sangyo vs. Vallejo Acrylics... Middlestone

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Gunze Sangyo vs. Vallejo Acrylics... Middlestone

  • Posted this in painting too!!!! Need some help!!


    Okay honestly I am probably one of the few guys in modeling that still paints with a brush. I have yet to master the airbrush and find I get more frustrated then grabbing a good ole fashion Sable and doing it by hand.

    Here is my problem. Most models I do are 1/35th scale German armor since my grandfather was a WW2 German tank commander. I prefer Vallejo acrylics for the ease and the overall one coat ability. But I am having a hard time matching a vallejo color to the GSI Aqueous Hobby Colour H71 Middlestone. Now if you look at paint charts it tells you to use Vallejo 882 118 Middlestone, but the colors are not even close. 

    Any ideas?

    Mein Leben für mein Land. On the Bench: Academy Tiger 1 Early.. Fully detailed.. and pain in the butt
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  • I haven't actually got the two colours to compare, but Vallejo's own cross-reference suggests that 70821 German Camouflage Beige is a match for Gunze H 71.


  • fPhil thanks for responding. I checked the colors on the Model Colors from vallejo color chart and they aren't very close. I know they reference that way, but they don't really match. I was hoping someone has tried these colors.

    Really appreciate the help though.




    Mein Leben für mein Land. On the Bench: Academy Tiger 1 Early.. Fully detailed.. and pain in the butt
  • Hi Nico, 

    Actually, if you're looking for a match for Gunze's Middle Stone for a German Armour project, I'll guess that you're building a Dragon kit, becaues for some unknown reason, "Middle Stone" is the base colour they suggest for all their German kits with a "Dark Yellow" base.

    Middle Stone is actually an RAF camouflage colour and to my eye, looks like it needs toning down for this purpose, so don't be too hung up on getting an exact match for what is essentially an incorrect colour.

    Personally, I use Tamiya Dark Yellow toned down with Deck Tan, so I can't help with any suggestions for a Vallejo equivalent.

    (Finding an exact match for Dark Yellow/Dunkelgelb - this is about as long a story as finding an exact match for Olive Drab, which you can see a few threads away)

    Also, are you looking at the actual paints or are you looking at Vallejo's colour chart? I find that many of the examples  on Vallejo's colour chart aren't anywhere near close to the actual paint in the jar.


  • Actually Phil was kinda looking for that Dark Yellow color famous for DAK. I found a sort of mustard yellow color in the Vallejo Model Colors..OCHRE YELLOW. Its a lil dark but it is about the closest thing to the H71 Middlestone from GSI.

    But from talking to my grandfather, his men made modifications to the color in field, with a pale and large paint

    So guess, I will just have to play with it and see what happens. I am actually right now builiding one of the old Academy PzKpfw AUSF IV H. One of the first kits they did. So old doesn't even give you color chart reference.


    Mein Leben für mein Land. On the Bench: Academy Tiger 1 Early.. Fully detailed.. and pain in the butt
  • Hi Nico,

    I still think Gunze's H-71 is too brown and too dark and if you've found something to match it in Vallejo, I'd still lighten it. It's difficult to tell from Vallejo's colour charts, but I would look at 821, 824 or 988 and lighten as required.

    Good luck with the old Academy clunker. You almost need three hands to get the turret shurzen on and properly aligned. It does take some care and a bit of work, but it can be made to look decent. I did one about a year ago here


  • Hi,

    Vallejo 847, Dark Sand, is another good starting point....mix in a little Buff if too dark or yellow.



  • Im going to post this again and probably get yelled at but go to this link, download the little gem.  In the bottom of the screen type in the color you want and to the left of that check off all the paint manufaturers ou want and it will spit up the color you are looking for.


    Hope this helps {:)]