Scratch Built 1/6th scale M26 Pershing project

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Scratch Built 1/6th scale M26 Pershing project

  • Hi Guys, I have started on this old partially started M26 hull. I acquired the hull a few years ago in a trade. The Hull was started by another model maker a number of years ago as a custom project, but the project never proceeded beyond the lower hull, and remained in this partially started condition for a number of years.


    I have been anticipating this build for some time and I feel that I'm now up for it Cool. For this build I will need to complete the hull, scratch build the turret, and tool up the suspension components, Bow hatches.......ect.


    The tank's hull is made out of 1/8th inch thick sheet styrene. Overall the tank appears to have the correct scale, and dimensions. The complex lower hull angles have also been built into this tank.


    M26 hull in Raw form.











    The tank's hull was built with an internal wooden frame that acts as support, and anchors several steel angle frames that were to be used as mounting points for the wheel axels. I will be machining my own suspension and torsion bars so the angle frames were not needed and were removed.






    When the tank's hull was first built the tank had its fenders built into the structure. These fenders were removed, and sheet metal fenders will be fabricated later. While I was removing the plastic fenders I left 1/4 of an inch of plastic sticking out of the tank's side hull. These strips will be the mounting points for the new fender fasteners.




    The tank's rear was built up, and the recess for the final drives have been completed.






    The lower portion of the tanks front has also been reworked and is now ready for the next step. In addition to the lower front, the angle frame slots were removed, and two styrene plates were added to the hull sides to create the indent that present on rear portion of the M26 hull. The under hull is now ready for its detailing.






    Now that the lower hull is mostly in one piece, the next step is to work on the tank's top hull. More progress to come!

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  • A scratch project is always something, but something this big is mind warping.  It does give me hope of braving a 1/350 Space Station K-7 myself someday.

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  • Love your work and really looking forward to seeing more progress!!!!Toast

    Cheers, Lt. Cmdr. Richie "To be prepared for war, is one of the most effectual means of preserving the peace."-George Washington
  • I have made a lot of progress on the tank hull. The tank's upper hull structure has been completed.



    The tanks , and front air filter blisters have been sculpted onto the tank's front plate.




    All of the top hull structure has been sculpted and completed. For the tank's front portion this would include the hatch locations, armored turret ring, top ventilator cover, turret ring blister, and hatch mount extensions. Now that the structure is complete the fine details can be installed.







    On the tank's rear portion I have completed the major hull components for the grill work. The grill work themselves will be fabricated after the turret.





    To finish up the Lower hull I will now be working on the welds, escape hatches, and access caps. Once these are complete the hull will be ready for the suspension.


    To get an idea of what the hull will look like with the turret I placed one of my Sherman Jumbo turrets on the tank's hull.


    Note* This will not be the turret that I will use on the model. Once I have a nice break in the weather I will then be able to fabricate the correct M26 turret.




    Another update will follow in the next few days  :!:

  •  I completed the tank's lower hull details. These would include the welds, escape hatches, access caps, and drain plugs.






    On the M26 the tank's hull was made out of several pieces of both rolled and cast steel. The whole front portion was a single cast assembly that was welded onto the rolled steel plates. The tank's rear portion was comprised of three cast sections that were welded together, and then attached to the tank's hull. To make the cast pieces stand out from the rolled steel panels cast texture was added to the cast sections











    Now that the lower hull mods have been completed, I can now start on fabricating the tank's suspension and running gear. 



  • Great stuff AG-I always enjoy following your blogs. Where do you keep all these things! Wink You must have a seriously big garage/basement!

    I'll be interested to see how you get on with the TB suspension btw.


    Many thanks


    Ben Toast

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  • Thanks Ben, I have made some progress on the suspension.



    I have created and installed the tank's torsion bar swing arm mounts.

    Even though there are no M26 kits on the horizon, I will be adding the M26/ M46 suspension to the product line once the suspension is complete. The running gear and suspension will be offered as one complete set, in case there are any other people who are willing to tackle an M26.






    The tank's final transmission drives have also been mostly completed and installed. The final drives need a few more smaller details (hull mounting brackets, and oil fillers) to be complete. So here is a sneek peek





    In addition to the last of the final drive parts I will now be working on the Bump stops and the return roller mounts. More progress to come!


  • WOW that is really looking good mate!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!Toast

    Cheers, Lt. Cmdr. Richie "To be prepared for war, is one of the most effectual means of preserving the peace."-George Washington
  • I have made some more progress on the tank's suspension this week.



    I have completed and installed the tank's volute spring bump stops and return roller mounts.





    The tank has two types of bump stops. One version is for the swing arms






    The other version is for the front Idler wheel swing arms,




    I have also added the oil filler caps to the final drives completing the sets. The final drive sets have been added to the product line.




    The next suspension parts that I will machine next will be the tank's swing arms and shock absorbers. More info on those to follow Cool

  • WowBow DownToast

    Cheers, Lt. Cmdr. Richie "To be prepared for war, is one of the most effectual means of preserving the peace."-George Washington
  • I have made more headway on the suspension.



    I have completed the tank's main road wheel swing arms.




    The tank's swing arms that connect to the shock absorbers have the shock absorber mounting plate bolted to the rear portion of the swing arms. On the real component all swing arms have a small mounting plate casted into the rear portion of the arm that the shock absorber mount would bolt to. On my resin swing arms I also built in this feature. All of the components also have their grease fittings installed. Once the tank is painted all of these fittings will be painted red.




    All of the road wheel swing arms and shock absorbers have been assembled and installed on to the tank.








    I will now be focusing on the tank's front road wheel and idler wheel swing arm cluster. Once the cluster is completed I will then be off on the road wheels.

  • That is looking awesome mate!!!! PVC pipe for the shock uppers?Whistling Really looking forward to seeing this one completed!!! Interseting to see how you do the tracks, I am hooked in the gills mate!!! Excellent work!!!

    Cheers, Lt. Cmdr. Richie "To be prepared for war, is one of the most effectual means of preserving the peace."-George Washington
  • simpilot34

    That is looking awesome mate!!!! PVC pipe for the shock uppers?

    Thanks, the shocks are made out of two sizes of machined PVC pipe with cast resin end connectors.

    I have completed and installed the final swing arm suspension components.

    Before I was able to install any of the cluster components I needed to finish the front swing arm mount. Once complete I was then able to proceed with the installation

    The cluster comprises of two swing arms and one shock absorber. The first road wheel and the front idler wheel are both mounted on the large swing arm. The second smaller swing arm connects to the bottom of the large swing arm and it is used for more tension and support for the large idler and road wheel swing arm. For added support the smaller swing arm has a shock absorber mounted to the top of the swing arm.

    The front idler wheel connects to the swing arm with a smaller adjustable mount. On the real tank the mount is adjusted with a large hex nut and castle washer positioned on the rear portion of the large swing arm.

    With the cluster and the suspension out of the way I have now started on the tank's running gear. I have already completed the tank's small return rollers.

    The M26 used the same return rollers found on the M4 Sherman HVSS suspension. The only difference is that the M26 used a different roller hub cap. I already offered the HVSS return roller wheels for the Sherman when I was building my T-28 super heavy tank, so I had a good starting point for the new wheels.

    My first return roller wheels had the M4 HVSS style hub caps molded in. They also were casted flat with no back detailing or structure. While building this model I decided to retool my old return roller, with the back structure and detail molded in and with removable hub caps.

    I currently have the M26 style hub caps mold created , and I have the M4 style hub caps on the way. Once ready the current M4 rollers will be replaced with the new tooled versions.

    The separate hub cap allowed me to mold in a counter sunk divot into the road wheel center. This allows me to install the wheel with a broad head nail. The nail allows the wheel to be mounted securely, yet will allow the wheel to spin freely. The nail head is then concealed with the resin hub cap.

    All of the return rollers have been installed and the model is starting to grow outward in it's appearance.

    I was also able to add the final smoother cast texture to the front armored plate, more info to follow after the completion of the running gear!

    Currently I'm working on the tank's main road wheels. More info to follow! :D

  • Awesome work! Definitely subscribing to this one.

    Surprised none of the rivet counters have said anything, usually no armor build gets by without a nit pick on something.


  • Incredible work!  I look forward to more updates!

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