1/35 M561 Gamma Goat, WIP, 09/19/10, Weathering

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1/35 M561 Gamma Goat, WIP, 09/19/10, Weathering

  • Fire Mission…..M561 Gamma Goat



    The 1/35 M561 Gama Goat is a new release from Commanders Models.


    You can find my in box review at





    The M561 Gamma Goat was first developed and introduced during the early 1960s. The original concept was to develop a light 1 ½ ton vehicle which could be air transported and also work well in jungle areas.


    The M561 was built by LTV Lycoming and over 15,000 goats were built. The vehicle was considered amphibious and moved in the water via its 6 powered wheels and bilge pumps were standard. It was a unique vehicle with a number of variants including the ambulance version M792.

    For those of us how served and used a Gamma Goat it was a vehicle you would not forget. On the bad side t
    he air-cooled engine overheated and high pitched noise of the engine required hearing protection while driving the vehicle. The double hull construction and complex articulated drive train made maintenance difficult at best. On the good side it went anywhere did anything and was a comfortable ride.

    The M561 faded out of service with the advent of the HMMWV in the late 80s. For background photos you can go to




    The Build

    The kit is an all resin kit which comes with a PE fret for the fenders and some other details. The instructions are short and crude and not for the faint of heart. To properly assemble this kit you will need to look at reference photos as the directions will not help.

    Some initial assembly of the power section. After cleanup of the parts, I assembled the fuel tanks and bilge pumps on both sides Also their support frames under the fuel tanks.

    Glued in the dashboard assembly and the headlight assemblies

    This view you can see the crew area and the engine area. The kit comes with an engine and other power parts. This will be the last you see of this area as I decided not to have the compartment open.

    I also installed the trans-axels for the front and middle tires in the power section along with the rear tow frame for attaching the cargo section

    Next up were the PE fenders. The PE set is a good quality, slightly heavier than most but very workable. The resin required some “notching” in places but with a little work they fit just fine.

    Well I am off and running. I will be adding a BUNCH of scratch or parts box details. Next, some work on the cargo section.

    As always, your comments either positive or negative are always welcome.

    Rounds Complete!!

    "The Moral High Ground....A Great Place to Emplace Artillery."

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  • When you drove ahead of one in a column, dont you think they looked like a kids toy pull phone? All it needed was some big goofy eyes in place of the headlights.

    Looking forward to your build on this Redleg. Certainly a vehicle long overlooked in mainstream styrene.Yes

    F is for FIRE, That burns down the whole town!

    U is for URANIUM... BOMBS!

    N is for NO SURVIVORS...

           - Plankton



  • LMAO.....never thought of it that way but yep...just remember the maintenance nightmare and how LOUD they were.....yet it was the best off road vehicle...it could go anywhere!!

    I somehow don't think the styrene folks will be making this anytime soon (until I am about 3/4 through this resin build...with my luck!!). I is about as mainstream as the Ontos but does not have all the nice barrels!

    Thanks for stopping by

    Rounds Complete!!

    "The Moral High Ground....A Great Place to Emplace Artillery."

  • Hello Mike!

    It's so good to see you taking a shot at the Gamma Goat! I have to tell you your choice of subjects really impresses me, most of the time you tackle subjects I'd gladly do myself too! I'll be watching, good luck with your project, and have a nice day


    All comments and critique welcomed. Thanks for your honest opinions!


  • This is gonna be good..........

    http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b232/gluetank/Sherman%20M4A3E2%20Assault%20Tank/th_M4A3E2Icon.jpg  Click to see my last tank project, Page 22.

  • Pawel - I love the different and strange. I need to do the different....it keeps the blood pumping

    Steve - Glad you like the little guy....always a pleasure to have you along for the ride.

    Rounds Complete!!

    "The Moral High Ground....A Great Place to Emplace Artillery."

  • Drove a Goat in convoys many miles...  It was the most comfortable military vehicle, driver-wise, I ever drove... But LOUD!!!!   Always wanted to put a red star on ours, the thing NEVER "looked American"...

    LMAO on the "pull-toy" ref... Yer RIGHT!, lol...

    You going for the "Battery Commo Goat " or a "Prime Mover for the M102 in the 82 AB" look, Redleg?

  • But where is the pull string make boom part?


  • Hans- Actually......this will be the FDC Goat....I will be mounting antennas on the trailer......trying to decide if I go all out with an ANVRC 12 system in a rack and the charts laid out for view. If I can get the vehicle together with a minimal PIA...I may spend the time to set up the Funny Duck Club!!

    Thanks for stopping in and the questions

    Marc - There is more to artillery than just a lanyard!! We are a deep and complex bunch.....Wink

    Rounds Complete!!

    "The Moral High Ground....A Great Place to Emplace Artillery."

  • Ah, FDC... Didn't occur to me since ours was in a 577 when I was SP... When I was Towed, the FDC was in a CUCV...

  • Looking forward to seeing your usual magic on this one Mike! Beer

  • Hans - If you were 101 or 82....you were almost all goat!!

    Bill - And as I reach into my magic hat......Presto....a Goat!!

    Thanks guys

    Rounds Complete!!

    "The Moral High Ground....A Great Place to Emplace Artillery."

  • Another great piece Mike.  I'll be watching this little gem.

    Gino P. Quintiliani - Field Artillery - The KING of BATTLE!!!

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  • That is cool.  I remember seeing them in Germany when my Dad was stationed there.  Don't remember them being all that loud, but it's been 30 years and my memory fades.  After the M60s drove out the gate, everything else seemed quiet.

    I look forward to seeing more pictures.


  • Where they're loud is inside... Driver can't even talk to the guy in the other seat without yelling at full-bore..