What is a Nortek Light?

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What is a Nortek Light?

  • Does anyone know how a Nortek light actually works?

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  • are you sure you have the correct name?

    any how nortek lights are  pretty much every where nowadays if you have a wireless device. key board mouse even tvs and cameras see that light on the bottum of your wireless mouse thats a nortek

    hope this helps

    the one I am familiar with can be seen here notek light


  • Notek,Wink

    [View:http://s172.photobucket.com/albums/w1/g-earl828/]  http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t104/cycledupes/1000Roadwheels4BuildBadge.jpg

  • So now I know how to spell it , do you know how it works?

  • Low light, indirect lighting.

    Here's the most recognized..........

    .............fairly self explanatory.


    The rear lights (below) were used mostly for estimating/judging distance behind vehicles at night.




    http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b232/gluetank/Sherman%20M4A3E2%20Assault%20Tank/th_M4A3E2Icon.jpg  Click to see my last tank project, Page 22.

  • All of the Notek lights were designed to be used under black-out restrictions...so the indirect lighting/hooded light concept was essential for the front light when the standard/main lights couldn't be used to avoid being spotted from ground or aerial observers. The rear lights were used to maintain proper vehicle spacing at night under similar black-out conditions and worked on the concept of optical convergence at different distances to achieve that which is why the rectangular style light has 4 windows but the sizes of the windows are different. Depending on how far away from the light you were dictated what pattern of the 4 windows you saw and provided a constant frame of reference to avoid vehicles ramming into each other in the dark. Wink  

  • When following another vehicle in blackout drive, you try to see only 2 lights. If you see only 1, you are too far away and if you see all 4, you are too close.

    Tim Wilding