Need help getting instructions for an AFV club M730A1 Chaparral

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Need help getting instructions for an AFV club M730A1 Chaparral

  • Hi guys,

     I bought a flood damaged AFV club M730A1 Chaparral kit and unfortunately it arrived without any instructions. Hopefully 2 or 3 of you guys on this forum have built this kit and can help me out by sending me a scanned copy or just by pointing me in the right direction in obtaining this instructions.

    Thanks very much in advance for any and all assistance.


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  • Gary Radford over at Military Modeling has them in his build gallery .Hopefully they are big enough to use.

    Happy Building

  • If that site doesn't let me know and I'll scan the ones I've got.  I've got this kit waiting in the wings.


    Richard S.


  • hi eqneal,

    thanks for pointing me in that direction. at least that is a start. it is somewhat good enough to use, but cant make out the letters which have gone minute.

    Anyways, REslusher has said that he'll scan the instructions as he also has this kit and its waiting to be built.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi RESlusher,

    I  might have to take your offer on that instructions. this is unfortunately my first time to be receiving scanned instructions, so i dont really know the usual routine here you guys do in sending and receiving  things. i just usually ask questions in the forum. Smile

  • Normally, you start a "conversation" with the person you want to talk with privately.  You pull up his / her profile and you'll see a link "Start a Conversation".

    This way you're not posting an email address here in the forums and ending up on someone's spam server.

    I'll see if I can bring the instructions to work tomorrow and scan them for you.  I started a conversation with you already so you can send me the email address to which you want me to send the instructions.


    Richard S.