COMPLETED! My Tiger I Ausf E built for the 'Steel Cat's GB - New Photos:

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COMPLETED! My Tiger I Ausf E built for the 'Steel Cat's GB - New Photos:

  • Hi guys,

    I've just been putting the finishing touches to my 'Steel Cat's' GB entry. I built Dragons 1/35 Tiger I Ausf E With Zim which was a superb kit.

    I used Friuls for the Tracks and replaced the kit barrel for an RB job. Basecoat was the usual Tamiya 50/50 mix of Dark Yellow/Deck Tan. The Rotbraun and Olivgrun used to make up the cammo was Vallejo Model Air - my first time using it and I'm sold! This stuff is great through the airbrush! I'm slowly phasing out the bulk of my Tamiya paints to be replaced with Vallejo Model Colour and Panzer Aces for brush painting work but nothing touches the good old Tamiya Dark Yellow/Deck Tan mix for a decent basecoat!

    Weathering was all AK and Mig pigments - mainly AK Streaking Grimes but the main wash to tone it all down following painting was a simple W&N Raw Umber Oil wash. Black Soot pigment was used on the Mufflers, Russian earth Pigment was flowed around the Friuls as when it dries it dries to a really nice dry mud colour - I blackened the Friuls first using AK's Burnishing Fluid.

    The build will be going onto a small base (the piece of MDF used in these photos) as I'll be taking it to a few shows next year and hopefully put it into a competition or two aswell. I'll be making it up to look like a rocky/rubbly terrain with sparse grassy patches - when the build is screwed in place I'm going to place a few spent 88mm RB Brass Tiger I shell cases with something in the foreground - not sure what yet?

    I hope you like her chaps - Tiger I Ausf E (Anzio, Italy 1944):

    I hope you like her guys - she's definately my best yet (imo). I've put a lot of time and effort into this, more so than any other build and it really shows.

    I'd love to hear any comments/suggestions etc.

    Thanks to Tigerman for running a seriously enjoyable GB!

    The base will take me up to Christmas - I'm going to be really busy at work now for the rest of the month so won't be choosing a kit from my stash to start now until after Christmas. I have my Dragon Premium Flakpanzer I A, Bronco Comet, Dragon Kharkhov Pz. IV, Dragon Elefant with Zim that I got for my Birthday and the Dragon Late Panther G that I'm getting for Christmas (it arrived the other day but I at least got the chance to have a quick fondle as my parents (and I) wanted to make sure it had arrived intact! Wink

    I quite fancy the Elefant but that Panther? Hmmmm? Wink

    Ben Toast

    On the Bench - Dragon Pz. IV Ausf. G (L.A.H.) Yes

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  • Like it?  I love it!  Nice work there.


  • Thanks Mike,

    To be honest I feel I've been a bit hasty in claming my build as 'complete' because it isn't. It will be complete when it's on the base and I'm happy with a few little things that I've missed - obvious things that I can only put down to rushing in an attempt to get the build complete to claim my GB badge and ready for the base. I've blatantly missed showing any signs of wear on the drive sprocket teeth so that will definately need correcting and there are a few spots of metallic silver paint still showing that need to toned down.

    So, the Tiger I isn't finished but will be completed over the next few weekends - I'll claim my badge then! I had originally just written the base off as something 'to be done later' but it needs it now and I won't be calling it complete until she's 100% finished and I'm happy.

    I also want to sort my good camera out and take some decent photos so I'm going to need to sort out some extra lighting and buy some proper background paper. I need to start taking proper photos and invest in some desk lamps with the correct type lamps in that will show the build up nicely.

    Cheers guys,

    Ben Toast

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  • Good evening guys,

    I would like to confirm that THE ANZIO TIGER I IS COMPLETE - DEFINATELY! 100%! Wink

    I went up town this morning and had a Brass nameplate made for the base. I'm so pleased with this build I'm over the moon Big Smile

    I have added some spent shell cases onto the rear deck and shut the escape hatch up - the shells aren't fixed in place btw.

    My Godfather Dave took these final photos for me - MY GOD he is good! His set-up is incredible! Surprise

    Final completion photos:

    On the base - the reflection caused the wheels to reflect off the Brass nameplate so Dave took a photo of the base on it's own and photoshopped the nameplate onto the photo below:

    Rear view: Please excuse the pigment on the back. I have tidied them up now! Whistling

    Please let me know what you think guys - I really hope you like her!

    Take care guys,

    Ben Toast

    On the Bench - Dragon Pz. IV Ausf. G (L.A.H.) Yes

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  • Ben,

    You definitely need to get yourself a little photobooth setup and take better pics of your builds. The shots from Godfather Dave really show a huge difference vs. the photos you posted and the build looks great, well done! Yes

    You can use this link as a reference on how to do a simple DIY photo booth...add in a couple of lights and voila! you too can take photos like Dave in no time. Wink

  • Thanks Bill,

    Great link - brilliant Yes Beer

    I really appreciate your words dude.

    I'm going to get my own little Digi camera set up and make a light box.

    Godfather Dave has asked to take all my completed build photos in the future. He asked me! He loves it!

    His Nikkon camera and lenses cost £2,500! Then there's the software he's got - the way he cut the nameplate of the base and planted it on the photo where the wheels were reflecting on the Brass was just insane!  :o

    I'm building Mr Elefant next - not sure what clothes to put on her yet? There's options of green squares like on the Ferdies, tri-tonal squiggles and a whitewash over DY.

    What you reckon?

    Ben  :)

    On the Bench - Dragon Pz. IV Ausf. G (L.A.H.) Yes

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  • Very nice build Ben.Keep up the good work.

    I'll follow yor future builds.


    KURSK "the battle of all battles'

  • Thanks DE - that's really appreciated Yes

    It's amazing what some decent photography can do for your work. It almost looks better in the photos than in the flesh!

    It's a great kit too - if you ever fancy building a late Zimmed Tiger then this is definately worth a look.

    Ben Toast

    On the Bench - Dragon Pz. IV Ausf. G (L.A.H.) Yes

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  • Ferdinands offer lots of interesting scheme options Ben, go with one that 'speaks to you'! Wink

  • Hey Bill,

    I'm hearing the green squares over DY basecoat at the minute - I've always liked that scheme when I've seen it on Ferdies.

    Cheers buddy,

    Ben Toast

    On the Bench - Dragon Pz. IV Ausf. G (L.A.H.) Yes

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  • Hey Ben,

    Said it over in the GB, but felt compelled to offer my congratulations again. Great build! Yes It was a pleasure seeing it come together. I hope to see you in future builds. Of course, I'll be following along with your Elephant build.

    And I was gonna say that your godfather's camera was probably on the expensive side... lenses can make all the difference. He may even close the aperture a touch more (at the cost of some sharpness) to get a little more depth of field. Would help bring more into focus, especially on those front-to-back shots. With his setup should be no problem. He's the pro though... Wink

  • Cheers Dave,

    It was a great build - superb GB too.

    He's a relative photography newbie! He bought the entire set up (Nikkon iirc) for just over £2,000. That's the bag, lenses, tripod and software.

    I had no idea it would be like that - I just expected him to have a slightly better camera than mine! I wasn't expecting photoshopping, complicated exposure times and clicky buttons on wires!

    At least I've sorted out some background paper now and he's taught me how to use my main camera to it's full potential so my photos should improve.

    I'll be starting the Elefant on Boxing Day as I'm working most of Christmas and the weekends too. I only have off Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day Sad That looks like a cracking kit!

    Ben Toast

    On the Bench - Dragon Pz. IV Ausf. G (L.A.H.) Yes

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