Trumpeter upcoming releases

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Trumpeter upcoming releases

  • I saw this list of kits on another site. Stevens International, the U.S. importer for Trumpeter kits as these kits listed as upcoming releases. No firm dates though. I certainly am hoping Trumpeter comes out with the SA-6 and MAZ-537 asap!!!

    TSM-103 1/144 AAVP7A1 Assault Amphibious Personnel Carrier $4.00 TBA
    TSM-104 1/144 LVTP7 Amphibious Carrier $4.00 TBA
    TSM-105 1/144 AAV7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle $4.00 TBA
    TSM-211 1/35 Soviet Tank Transporter Maz537 $0.00 TBA
    TSM-326 1/35 JGSDF Type 82 6x6 Armored Command and Communications Vehicle $24.95 TBA
    TSM-327 1/35 JGSDF Type 87 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle $24.95 TBA
    TSM-330 1/35 JGSDF NBC Nuclear and Biochemical Detection Vehicle $24.95 TBA
    TSM-331 1/35 K1A1 Main Battle Tank w/120mm Gun US-Korea $19.95 A
    TSM-332 1/35 Italian C1 Ariete Main Battle Tank $24.95 TBA
    TSM-344 1/35 Chinese Type 96 Main Battle Tank $0.00 TBA
    TSM-349 1/35 USMC LAV25 Piranha Tank $0.00 TBA
    TSM-361 1/35 Russian SAM6 Tank $0.00 TBA
    TSM-407 1/35 US Marine Corps Figures Iraq 2003 $9.95 TBA

    There was some WW2 stuff, a one off german assault gun based on the Tiger chassis called the Sturmer Emil? I hope somebody knows what what that is. The Kubinka museum has pictures of this vehicle. It seems like Trumpeter is following DML's lead in releasing kits of one off german tanks. I saw the pictures of the actual thing and it is huge!
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  • Yawn. Not really anything that interests me. I'm still waiting to hear about that KV-1 that I heard about at the beginning of the year. Angry [:(!] Thanks for posting.

    Too bad about the LAV, I bought my son the old Revell kit for his birthday.


  • Cant wait for the C-1 Italian MBT been waiting since June for that one, come on Trumpeter give me something to do.Boohoo [BH]
  • I'm like you Eric,there is nothing that floats my boat either.Digger
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  • That would be "Stubborn Emil", the 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 or Panzerselbstfahrlafette V. 2 built and tested on the Eastern Front, 1942-43.

    Don't know what the rest of the stuff is. Wink [;)]
  • ooOOOooohhh LAV25 and SAM 6! w00t looking great, can't wait.
  • Hey Jess, looks like your fig got so excited about the Ariete, his head exploded!
    "1-6 is in hot"
  • Did a Google search for "12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61" and found a number of links: (in Russian) (this appears to be a resin kit)

    A picture from

    I've never even heard of this particular vehicle before, let alone seen a picture! Looks very like a giant Marder.

    To jessiahkinnamon: am I seeing things, or does the figure in your signature pic have no head?!? - is there some significance to this or is it just damaged? Big Smile [:D]
  • not too bothered with that lot
  • Interesting to see that Trumpeter is doing the exact same three JGSDF vehicles that Pit Road is releasing.
    Or does Stevens import Pit Road as well, and those are not actually Trumpeter releases?
  • Wow, that's a large gun!! I must admit the LAV and the 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 interests me some, but the rest is not interesting in the least (soley my opinion)
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  • Brian,
    Trumpeter and Pit Road occasionally collaborate on kits (like the JGSDF Type 89) and the 4 new ww2 French/German kits coming out now.
    Erik "Don't fruit the beer." Newest model buys: More than I care to think about. It's time for a support group.
  • Nice!! looking forward to the LAV-25, and REALLY hoping for a LAV III.Approve [^]
  • I think that it would be fun to build something so unique as a bunkerbuster bomb cannon on wheels..

    "First to Fire!"


  • must say that nothing really jumps out at me from that war armour isn't really my bag, although maybe one day i'll do a challenger II and the self prop gun the brit army uses, if only to double the numbers we have of the things!!Angry [:(!]

    Tongue [:P]
    Kind regards, Nicholas