German WW2 Armour Camouflage Chart

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German WW2 Armour Camouflage Chart

  • Hi All !
    Can someone please point me in the direction of a Web Page that has a Chart of Camouflage pattern for German WW2 Armour. I have seen this page before, but can not remember the web address.
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  • I have a website address which lists the RAL Colors and modern model paint equivalents, but nothing specifically about camo patterns.

  • This might be what your looking for?


  • Smile [:)]I've found this site to be very good,
    Good Luck...Kenny
  • You know that a lot of camo was applied in the field, where constraints on time and material to paint made for some non-uniform looking schemes. Which the very reason some modelers like doing german armor because of that very reason!