Somua MCG (à la Wehrmacht)

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Somua MCG (à la Wehrmacht)

  • Here's two pics showing another very recent project, part of a series of 1/72 Somua MCG kits for French manufacturer Exo-Kit.

    The pics actualy shows parts for two variants, the resin parts coming from the first kit in the series (most of those being compatible with the rest of the series), the ammunition carrier variant developed by the Germans from the basic MCG chassis (with the very poetic name of: Munitions-Zugkraftwagen, gepanzert auf Somua MCG S307(f)..)

    The other (mostly white bits, are for a much more exciting variant called: Leichter Reihenwerfer (16 Rohre) auf Somua MCG S307(f), that carries, as the name indicates, 16 rocket tubes. The rocket launcher thingy is in itself a very intricate little kit...

    Next, we will have the Pioneer variant, then the anti-tank variant and finaly the various original French models...

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  • dunno if shermanfreak is around so i'll help you with that link :)

  • well, lol it wasnt working, DOH

  • Thanks Muzzleflash, but there is, apparently, a problem with the link to the larger pics...
  • Seems to be working just fine guys ... Muzzleflash why don't you add the second pic.

    Another fine piece of work Domi ..... you're going to be keeping SMA hoppping this year.
    Happy Modelling and God Bless Robert
  • shermanfreak, OK!