Academy 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf. H - Any good or?

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Academy 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf. H - Any good or?

  • I have got some Bulgarian WW2 decals and want to build the Pz IV in the overall green colour scheme, according to sources this would be a G or H. I have seen the Tamaiya H and the Dragon G, but was wondering if the Academy H was any good or just a copy of the old Tamiya kit.

    Plus I also have some generic Arab armies' decals for my Sherman/AMX 13 Turret conversion, this sheet included Syrian army markings and was wondering what mark of PZ IV they used.

    Thanks in advance, excuse my ingorance on all things WW2 German as I tend to avoid this subject like the plague unless sometnihg like this stimulates my inerest.

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  • I believe that it's the old Tamiya kit. Not sure of the Syrian models, probably H or J.


  • As stated, the Academy kit is a copy of Tamiya's old kit. I think the only decent German armor that Academy does is their Tiger series. I believe all their other 1/35 scale German armor are copies of old Tamiya kits.
  • Kit building wise, I thought it went together nicely, I don't know about accuracy, but a good fun build.
  • The syrians had J's and some H's so either is ok. The most commonly photographed panzer IV in Syrian style is indeed a J model!
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  • It's not really an H but a hybrid H/J depending on how you want to look at it. The kit is pretty straightforward, the decals are old and will respond as old decals usually do so care is needed there, but overall it's not a bad kit. The vinyl tracks are of the older material/type as opposed to being "glueable" using regular model cement.
  • I have built this same kit many years ago and I don't recall having any difficulties of building it.  Quality was decent and price was excellent!