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Textured Sheet Plastic

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Textured Sheet Plastic
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Saturday, October 08, 2016 9:17 AM

Hi ;

 I just wanted to bring this up . Say you are looking for a particular surface for Zimmerit on a Tiger for instance . Buy Zimmerit ? Sure , you can do that . Or you can go to your local Model Rail-Road show . Buy a bag of building parts that includes the two roof halves of a large H.O. scale Church .

      Thin the material on a belt sander . Scuff up the textured side and " Viola " A very rough approximation of Zimmerit , field applied . Oh , So you want deck detail ( planking wise ? ) Try this . Evergreen makes a sheet in .010 or .020 that has parallel lines on it of varying sizes .

   From  a sheet that will work on 1/700 to sheets that will work on any scale ship you have . This is also excellent for flooring in a diorama . How do you texture it more ? Wet sand gently with the sanding paper that approximates the size of the grain wood would have .

   Smooth it out after sanding , with a wire brush and a tooth-brush .Then stain with the darker stain . Let dry and overpaint with the right colored wash . Again " Viola " a rough planked floor or fine surfaced deck . Your choice .

     How about this one ? Take a plain sheet of Evergreen styrene plastic say .015 . Now very carefully dribble sprue glue on it in straight lines equally on the surface in rectangles and or squares . Let dry and wet sand gently .Welded plate anyone ?

 See , the applications are endless . Let your imagination and skills be your guide . But , Never , be afraid to try something new .

 Here's one , I bet passed you by . Brick textured or stone textured plastic sheet . This is very good for another application if you sand the detail almost completely off the surface .. You use it for different textured flooring . It makes great  Lineoleum decking on the larger scale Imperial Japanese ships .  Gotta Go,    T.B.      P.S. Have to add this on July 12 , 2017 . I found some that looked like strips of rust . I took some and added and blended with filler on a ship hull at the waterline .( An old Derelict ( almost ) Tramp Steamer . ) Well , can you say a piece of crap on the water ( When's it gonna sink ? )


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