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Joan of Arc figure

  • Does anyone know if either Heller or Airfix marketed a Joan of Arc figure?
    I tried searching using Jeanne D'Arc but all I get is references to the helicopter assualt ship by that name.

    My brain is 57+ years old and not always reliable, but I could have sworn I came across a kit, by Heller I believe, for a Joan of Arc figure, a couple of years or so back while window shopping web hobby shops.

    Can anybody help?
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  • I remember a metal figure in 1/32 (54mm) on a horse. Maybe by Andrea or Pegaso. I'll see if I can find some pics.


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  • Airfix issued a "Joan of Arc" kit back in 1960 that has seen a few re-issues.
    Heller also had a 1/12 kit out, but might be the same as the airfix kit(who knows?).

    There are also a few other kits of her out there, some resin and based on different movies like "The Messenger".

    Not sure what the availability and price would be for the Airfix kit.

  • The Airfix/Heller Joan of Arc kits are the same except for the banner. One is paper theother, Heller, is a decal.
    Both kits are available via Kitkrazy and retail for about Ten Pounds Sterling.
  • Sorry that should have been
    You should stil try kitkrazy though.

  • From Andrea in 54 mm

    Remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

  • Jamnett,
    the Airfix 1/12 scale "Joan of Arc" figure was first issued in 1960.
    Do not forget, in smaller scales,
    - 1/72 Italeri 100 Years War French Knights and Foot Soldiers (with Joan of Arc figure) :
    -1/72 Strelets "Army of Joan d'Arc" :
    There must be more, (I think of models made by AP-Waterloo 1815), but unfortunately, I can not show you a link to them.

  • Thanks to all for the information. It seems that I will have to do a little hunting.

  • Ron-FSM did a feature on some Russian artists a while back--you might want to search it out. Although-I felt the Jeanne D'Arc figure was beautiful but inaccurate. I've actually been to her place of birth.