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Now Hear This-Now Hear This ! !

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Now Hear This-Now Hear This ! !
Posted by tankerbuilder on Monday, February 23, 2015 11:53 AM

Avast and Ahoy !

     You out there who would be building a ship of the great days of sail .There Be a site and a catalogue fer ya .What you be liking about these is the color lists and the sheer beauty of these sailing beauties . Why , Meself would be sailing on any of these without the blink of me eyes .

    What  My alter ego is referring to is a catalogue I recieved the other day from Roger Zeya at AGES OF SAIL . They advertise in Ships in Scale Magazine . The catalogue is called ShipYard . I think it can be found at How about this Models of a cardboars substrate , instead of just paper with the planks cut to fit ! There are also wood and card accessory kit available for all the ships listed !

     Now here's a " Paper Ship" model product for the purists out there .Check it out . As far as prices I will check on it today 2/23/2015 and get back to you all .If the photos are any where near the truth , these are the " Cat's Meow "       Tanker Builder        .P.S. I called the  folks at the site .they stated the models can run from $10.00 to over $ 400.00 ! Yup , You read it right .But nothing finer, that I've seen


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