Pegasus "War of the Worlds" Tripod kit

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Pegasus "War of the Worlds" Tripod kit

  • Hi everyone.

    Just read the article by Aaron Skinner on this kit.

    His suggestion about using lighting to highlight the underside of the kit is interesting.

    This kit brings to mind an old Classics comic book I read when I was a kid on the "War of the Worlds" and the artwork was a bit different depicting the martian war machine. It was done by Reed Crandall, a well known illustrator at the time.

    I have tried to post a picture on here showing it but my technical computer skills are really glitchy about such things so here is the website where you can find it. It's Classics No.124 which sold for the expensive (for that time) price of 15 cents.

    I would love to see this depiction of the martian tripod as a model.

    Who Knows?

    Take care everyone and happy modelling.

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  • Drawn by Lou Cameron in 1955, "There is no way I could have done it any better," said Ken Steacy when asked to redraw Classics Illustrated.

    Huh? Occasional factual, grammatical, or spelling variations are inherent to this thesis and should
    not be considered as defects, as they enhance the individuality and character of this document.

  • The Classics Illustrated version of the tripod was offered some years ago by Lunar Models.  It shows up occasionally on ebay.  Lunar also offered a version of the original "well"s type of tripod  as well as the George Pal "manta" seen in the 1953 film.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the info.

    I will check it out.


  • Silentknight

    I have tried to post a picture on here showing it but my technical computer skills are really glitchy about such

    want a tip. try using firefox instead of Internet Explorer. see a picture you want to post here? right-click and 'copy image location', come here and use the 'Insert Media' button in the reply toolbar to paste it. Easy?


    ok just for fun, to do the same in IE, right-click image and click 'properties', right click the address:(URL) and choose 'select all', then right-click again and choose 'copy'. press cancel button, then come here and paste in 'Insert Media' button.


    on WoW martians, there's a few versions that would be nice to have. i'd get the Jeff Wayne version if they weren't so expensive and hard to find.