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Airfix Snowberry aftermarket

  • Picked up an Airfix Flower Class Corvette (Snowberry) recently.  What aftermarket stuff is available for this? I understand rather than someone doing a big set, various folks have various stuff for it.

    The main gun really needs something. That is a large enough scale I might be able to scratch something if I had good scale drawings.  Anyone know of drawings for that gun?

    Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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  • John Lambert sells drawings of ships (many RN subjects) and weapons (again many RN subjects) from his website.   There are some free examples offered.

    John's plans are evry good and accurate, taken from the originals.   John's drawings have appeared in several books.  

    DJ Parkins/Great Little Ships offers a full set of aftermarket accessories for the 1:72 scale Matchbox, Revell, and now I guess Airfix Flower-class corvette

  • You're right that the main gun needs something. The modeler who built this ship for me scratchbuilt turning wheels for the main gun cannon. He also built a dozen tiny copper rings for antenna wiring, as seen in 2nd image. Apart from that, it was built OOB with no AM product:


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  • Thanks, guys, both posts are helpful.

    Don Stauffer in Minnesota

  • I assume you mean Revell Snowberry--  the old Matchbox kit that has now been re-released by Revell.

    Bob Pearson's Flower class site is an excellent resource for all things "Flower class".

    The kit is classic matchbox in its execution-- the basics are there,  but the details are either overdone or lacking.   The main gun is a particularly noticiable exampls, and the bridge wing 20MMs are even worse.

    The other big "fault" of the kit is that MB did all the decks as planked--  but most of them were steel-- only the foc'sle should be planked.  (And maybe the bridge?  I forget.)



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  • I sanded the molded planking off of my Snowberry and left the molded planking as you said.  It takes a little work but wasn't that bad. I then scribed steel section lines where they should go.

  •  Dear Don :   To continue your research on the Flower class corvette, you might look in the past issue of FineScale Modeler, April 2002, Page 22, "Super detailing Matchbox,s 1/72 scale into the U.S.S. SAUCY."


    The March 1992 issue of FineScale Model,s FSM's Showcase,Page 22, "Allen Brewster's U.S.S. SAUCY." 

                                           Hope this information helps you.

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  • Don,

    I'll be starting the 1/72 Snowberry kit myself in a couple months. Here's a link I'm using for research, as well as Bob Pearson's site:



    Here are some gun build images from a thread of someone converting the kit to a short forecastle version:





  • While doing my own research for my corvette, I cam across this site for after market parts parts:

    Specifically for the 1/72 Snowberry: