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Krivak 1 class -ship- the FFG Storozhevoy - The root of Clancy's Book

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Krivak 1 class -ship- the FFG Storozhevoy - The root of Clancy's Book
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Monday, March 13, 2017 12:57 PM

Aha , A Did You Know ?

    I just read a darned good book . A book that should be read for the sheer audacity of the plan and it's ending . As told by the Engineering officer aboard at the time . Tom Clancy of course wrote a Book . The Hunt for Red October . Right ? Well this story was the inspiration .

   Now , what I have to do is find a 1/350 model of the class . The story gives a real glimpse of what's wrong with the government of Communist Russia . Especially the Fleet .

 Of course this took place when Brezhnev was the big Cheese . It was a report used by a writer of a thesis that got published that piqued his interest .The political officer -Captain Third Class  of the ship decided to stage a mutiny. Why ? Because of the corruption he saw and knew existed in the Soviet Union .

  I write this because of the ship as he is manipulated by his crew ( the Russians identify their ships as he . ) The FFG Storozhevoy is a Krivak class ASW Cruiser . Did you know they were 405 feet at the deck and could cruise 4500 nautical miles at twenty knots ?

 I think this type would make an interesting model .Why ? well , because of what he is and how Beautiful even some Russian ( U.S.S.R ) ships could be . It's a case of beautiful but deadly .

 Now I recommend reading the book and if you can building the model . He definitely sounds interesting .  T.B.


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