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Creating Details

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Creating Details
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Thursday, May 23, 2019 9:17 AM


 Let's start with something that I just answerd to . Hose Racks . How many of you know someone with wee ones .9 Mos. to a Year? This is a silly question right? Nope! You get baby sized shoe strings and cut them lengthwise in half . Soak in Elmers .When soaked well, draw through your fingers to remove excess.

    Now fold up like you are going to make an accordian door . Or roll it .When it's about 1/4" wide ( folded Style Cut to length, Leaving an end sticking out to attach the main and let dry . With the rolled one do the same,  With no more than 3/16 of an inch outside dia. The rolled one sits in a half round rack .010 strip glued to the bulkhead in the curve to match. When done and the hose is in place, then put a bar across the top to hold the hose from falling out .

 Some mains are directly below the rolled ones and sometimes the folded ones too .Your choice! Don't forget to paint them ( the Hose material, a canvas color !)

    Next Square Bulkhead vents . Build your outside frame with .010 Evergreen strip . 1/4 or 1/2 inch .Now when done take that frame and glue to a scrap of .010 sheet . Let dry . When done then take your litle shallow box and cut the back to match the frame .

   Then you can do this .Use Doll-House shutters ( For windows ) for the vanes . Or put brass mesh in there after painting the inside flat black or very dark grey . Don't forget this though .Either system must be painted before putting it in the frame .

    Now create another unit with the same material .This one is 1/64the larger all around .Put some .010 strip Blocks close to the corners on one side . Do the same with a slightly longer block in the center of the opposite side .

 When dry Round the ends of these blocks a little . Now inside this box put an.010 piece from corner to corner ( Diagonally ) then take two small pieces and do the same on the opposite corners .These need to be cut to fit so the pattern is four equal triangles .

   Now take this and glue it Next to , or Above or Below the vent you just did . Add one very small piece of .010 flat strip edge on,  anywhere on the outside of the piece .This represents the latch that holds it open .Make sure it is across from the hinge side though . ( those little blocks near the corners.)

    Note; After making the weather cover you can take a number two pencil or a Black artists colored pencil ( Very Sharp ) and draw a line inside the cover piece to represent the gasket that ensures it's watertight !

    Man rails on bulkheads are simple . If your ship is very small scale ( Below1/350 ) don't bother . These are rails that the crew holds on to when out on deck in rougher weather. Simple but effective for a detail on ships at 1/200 or larger . take a number two pencil and measure up about waist height on your bulkhead That would be a 1/32 or higher ,maybe lower. Run a faint line horizontally the length of your bulkhead.

     Now , come back with .010 rod pieces cut at the length of maybe the thickness of a piece of cardboard from the back of a tablet ( maybe 1/64 or less ) Cut a bunch. Now Look at your bulkhead. Is there a space between the end and a piece of equipment? Good.  Now take the first one and glue it about 1/16 from that piece of equipment. Take another and glue it the same distance from the end. You must make sure these little rod pieces are standing on end,extending out from the bulkhead .

     Split the distance and put one in the middle and split that distance and put two more,either side of center .Make sure they are all even in line . Now take( Brass wire or .010 plastic rod) Cut to length and mount it on the ends of those little scudders sticking out . Again, Make sure they are level with the Deck.  Wait till dry and paint the same color as the bulkhead .

     Note Here;

 On the smaller ships you can represent these,if not molded, with glued on E Z Line or Monofilament ( real fine) Then paint to match . You get the depth and it will help your bulkheads look busier .       T.B.


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