Lindberg- "Bobtail Cruiser"

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Lindberg- "Bobtail Cruiser"

  •  I have resurected this project from the "on-the-shelf-until-I-can-find-more-information" status. The crew of USS Carronade IFS-1 has some nice photos on their website, and they have proven very useful. I still need pictures of the aft end of the 01 level, port side, that shows the differences between the kit version, and "Carronade". As I understand it, that area was rebuilt. I could also use some close up pictures of the life raft cradles on the 01 level forward, the MWB davits, 01 level aft, starboard side, and close up mast detail. I have looked in as many places as I can think of, online, and I'm hoping someone here has the information I need. In the meantime, there's plenty of time to build new railings, this kit figures to be between 1:168, and 1:172 scale. I already have a drydock scene built to accomodate the finished model.

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  • "sumpter250 hasn't posted anything on the Forum since July. I hope he is getting this."

    The feeling is mutual. And furthermore (can you tell I'm harboring an obsession here?) sumpter250 has, at least, been rather prolific with this build thread all over the net. Found another one on the Ship Model Forum site and one here:

    Looks like a bit more work done and with different photos. Seems most recent too on 7 Jul 2011. YesStick out tongue

    I am leaning toward the purchase of those same Floating Drydock plans (why not) as the general feeling here is that they're worthwhile.

  • BTT. Funny, if you do a search for this kit, it shows up on several hobby vendor sites with a pic and description but "out of stock/discontinued". One says it was due for 2010 re-release. Since almost every Lindberg ship is currently available including a lot of obscure classics, maybe they will bring back the Carronade/Bobtail Cruiser but it sort of has limited appeal.

    That popular auction site has had several in the last 30 days or so...and with low starting bids.

    And finally here's a model of the Carronade but it is not the kit of which we speak (for reference only):

  • Lord, I remember this kit from may many moons ago and always wondered WTH is a "bobtail cruiser"? Thanks for resurrecting this thread and enlightening me. I missed it the first time around.

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  • "Tanks- you realize this is 5 years old?

    My two bits would be those gun tubs have got to go. Simple to replace with some strips of Coke can."

    I didn't really stress that this was a thread resurrection but it is seriously like trying to wake the dead. Sleep

    Never thought about using pop can material to improve the 40mm gun tubs, just figured I could thin the top edge and leave it at that.

    Once you get the kit, both the kit and the real ship sort of grows on you and you start to think the odd configuration (it just looks like an old style freighter or tanker with superstructure aft) is attractive. I like the idea that, though ungainly, this vessel had the firepower--just sat offshore and bombarded the foe into submission. Look around the web and you will find videos of this thing firing off volley upon volley...

    These have an annoying watermark over the video but they're still useful and awe inspiring:

    Just found this one:

  • Hi :

     No , I didn't look at the post date . I just cruise around and find something that catches my eye .Where I live It seems I am the only ship modeler around , or modeler period .Everyone seems to be concentrated in San Antonio 45 miles from me . Gas is expensive for a fellow on S.S. Retirement .

  • sumpter250 hasn't posted anything on the Forum since July. I hope he is getting this.

    I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

  • Tanks- you realize this is 5 years old?

    My two bits would be those gun tubs have got to go. Simple to replace with some strips of Coke can.

  • Hi :

    I have to chime in again after looking at the drydock scenes really closely . Whatever you do don't forget the walkway rails on top of the watertight gates on the drydock .I like that you've added more to the scene . I have always felt ,that any figure doing something adds to a shipmodel . Now that said ,when you tell a story around a specific ship  ,you write a whole interesting book .

     It looks like when you finish you will have compiled an outstanding story and I want to see the finish .You've done well so far . When you put the blocks under her and lots of gear in the dock bottom that will be a scene to really hold anyone's attention.

  • Hi :

      You know , when I was a kid in 53 , I always wondered why the whole ship wasn't there . I didn't know then what " Bobtail " meant !  "A whole half a ship missing " I thought . I happen to have three of the beasts .One is now sporting " Heavy Lift  " gear as a salvage ship , One is in the box and one is being " Refined " to look proper , according to those " Floating Drydock " Plans ,which I found at a swap table in a model show . I have always taken my students through many LINDBERG kits in preparation to their graduating to a REVELL ship .Then when that was done a TAMIYA vessel of their choice . I taught that with care ,  even a LINDBERG early model could be a jewel .  This model is unusual and I always wondered why the others didn't do it .Shoot ,REVELL did the SAVANNAH and the MOORE/McCORMACK - BRAZILs . Even the " Undersea research vessel " ( CALYPSO )Why not a better " Bobtail Cruiser " ?

  • Sumpter250: I have to resurrect your thread on account of the rarity of the Lindberg Carronade (aka "Bobtail Cruiser") and that you are the only one on the 'interwebz' that has attempted an assembly. I have obtained one of these extremely rare kits myself after having seen your efforts for inspiration and was wondering what your end result was like?

  •  The eight MK106 5" BOMROC launchers, became the next project, the mast will have to wait a bit. I have the bases, and some framework erected, and I'm in the middle of working out dimensions from the various photos that I have. The plans, from Floating Drydock, have been of significant help in establishing sizes. I'll post pics when the launchers are done.

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  • Finally got to take a couple of pics.

    The two 40mm mounts, Mt-41,and Mt-42:

    A port side shot with the changes to the original 01 level aft:

    and a port quarter shot:



    Lead me not into temptation ..................I can find it myself

  • Also, can I see the steam yacht "Corsair II" in the same photo?

     No, actually it is a clipper hull, about 8" long, that I am converting into a 106' two mast schooner.

     I spent all day yesterday, scratchbuilding a pair of 40mm twin mounts ( 47 individually measured and cut pieces for each mount), and added detail to the 5' mount, to replace the "blobs" in the Lindberg kit. At this time, I intend to build the mast assembly next. I mentioned portlights earlier, they all had to be enlarged, Lindberg made them about two thirds their actual sise.

    Lead me not into temptation ..................I can find it myself

  • Your diorama is looking very good! I particularly like the final "ground level" shot. 
    Is the Revell "Russian Spy Trawler" the same kit as their North Sea Fishing Trawler? I always assumed this was the case, but I'm not sure. (Also, can I see the steam yacht "Corsair II" in the same photo?)

    I'll be very interested to see how your USS Carronade build progresses. I also have this kit, although it's fairly low on my build priority at the moment.