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Future drying time and washes?

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Future drying time and washes?
Posted by scollen on Monday, November 8, 2004 12:05 PM
How long before I can apply an acylic wash on top of Future?

Also, do I need more than one really thin Future coat prior to applying the wash?

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Posted by rjkplasticmod on Monday, November 8, 2004 12:11 PM
Welcome to the Forums Sign - Welcome [#welcome]. I always let Future cure for at least 24 hours before decaling &/or weathering. On your second question, it depends on what effect you want. For aircraft, I usually use at least 2 light coats.

Regards, Rick
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Posted by MusicCity on Monday, November 8, 2004 12:23 PM
Future dries FAST, after all it is a floor polish, however it doesn't completely cure in a short amount of time. You can apply the acrylic wash pretty soon after the coat of Future, however getting off the excess might cause some problems if the Future hasn't completely cured. I usually leave it overnight and haven't had any problems, however humidity and temperature can have a big affect on drying time.

But .... just to prove to myself that it could be done (and I wasn't real worried about how the finish looked) I tried something Saturday. I shot some parts with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, and let them dry in front of a fan for 30 minutes. Shot some acrylic over the primer, and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Sprayed a heavy coat of Future on and let it dry about 15 minutes. Added some washing, let it dry 5 minutes, and shot a coat of acrylic flat. About an hour from start to finish, but as I said it was just a test to see what would happen. So far nothing has flaked off or melted through, but I guarantee nothing is dry at the bottom of that stack Tongue [:P]
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Posted by scollen on Monday, November 8, 2004 1:02 PM
Thanks for the welcome. I'm working on a 1/72 Challenger, and it's my first time with Future.

I applied two thin coats with an hour between each. Looks a bit blotchy right now but I'm hoping it evens out....

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Posted by ABARNE on Monday, November 8, 2004 2:16 PM
Future does dry to the touch quite quickly, and I haven't ever had any issues with it even when I have been working on a deadline and been forced to decal over it with even as little as hour of drying time. However, it is always a lot safer to to allow a day or at least to better part of day for drying and curing.

The blotchiness may well go away with your flat coat. I often find that my pre-decaling gloss coats do look a bit blotchy, but that goes aways once I hit it with flat. One tip of which you may or may not be aware is that you can mix Tamiya's XF-21 Flat Base with Future in a ratio of 3 or 4 parts future to 1 part Flat Base and give yourself a really nice flat coat. You can lessen the amount of Flat Base if you want more sheen to the finish.
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Posted by Cj2785 on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 9:37 AM
I usually give it 24 hours. It does dry fast but it still needs to cure up.

Charles Johnson

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Posted by GMorrison on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 9:56 AM

Think about trying spirit based wash over the Future.

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Posted by RESlusher on Thursday, September 5, 2019 8:26 AM

As a few have already said, I give it a full 24 hours to cure.  I'm in North Texas and our summers are a bit on the warm side so my spray booth in the garage helps speed things up; but still, 24 hours is a good rule of thumb.


I usually just do one light coat to seal it, put on my decals then put on a second light coat to protect the decals from the weathering effects.


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Posted by the Baron on Thursday, September 5, 2019 12:03 PM

Yeah, when I use it on figures, I give it at least 8 hours (an overnight wait), but at least 24 hours is optimal.

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