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Oho! I even snuck down here !

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Oho! I even snuck down here !
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Friday, August 10, 2018 10:41 AM

Hi , T.B. Here !

  Listen , I wanted to share something of interest to Modelers of U.S.Naval History . I have recently come across these two books .

   Like new and jam full of facts and pictures as well as text .The first one is titled " United States Naval Vessels " - Official U.S.Navy reference Manual Prepared by Division of Naval Intelligence  -1 September 1945 .

  This was compiled by Samuel Loring Morison . It covers everything from Tugs to Battleships and Auxiliaries with a few others thrown in . It also has Identification Profiles and Silhouettes . Recommendation , Five stars . Library of congress # 96-67603 , publication date and copyright 1996 - ISBN 0-7643-0090-3 By Schiffer Publishing .Over 600 pages ( they are NOT numbered ! ) 

  This tome covers The U.S.N. and even though Black and White photos abound , you will find a Plethora of ships and classes that many don't know even existed !

      The second publication is this one . It's by our good friend Norman Friedman . It is U.S.Destroyers , An illustrated Design History. Profile drawings by A.D.Baker III . It's published by Naval Institute Press - Copyright 1982 - ISBN 0-87021- 733-X . 489 pages .

   This publication covers the years from 1886-1898 all the way to Nuclear Frigates and destroyers of the modern Navy to the ships under consideration in 1981 .

 Recommendation for Destroyer Officianadoes Five Stars . 

    I am very lucky to have them because they fill a lot of gaps in my knowledge of the vessels of the primary superior Navy in my world . Don't get me wrong , there are some outstanding English , French , Soviet and Yes , even Chinese designs out there .

 The fact that these came to me in like new condition is why I place so much value on them . They are for the General U.S.Naval and Destroyer modeler , I believe the Quintessential referrence books .

 If you don't have them , Find them . If you do have them , treasure them like Platinum Bars in your possession . I believe you will find something in each that will have you saying , " Gee , I didn't know that " Even if you ARE a student of Naval History .

 Thanks for your patience in reading this .  Tanker - Builder  - - - - P.S. I wish more was available on Tanker Ships like this . There are so many , they would fill at least five books this size ! From the time of  Pre-Ceasar days , all the way to the Present !


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