Eagle Squadron reference pics needed....

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Eagle Squadron reference pics needed....

  • I am looking into modeling the Hurricane and Spitfire of Bill Dunn-- an Eagle Squadron pilot who was the first American ace of WWII...

    I have a general scheme of the Spitfire....although the Eagle Squadron insignia is missing from the nose:

    I am interested though in some pics of his Hurricane....I know Aeromaster had a sheet of "Yanks in the RAF" decals out (AN48577) but they seem to be OOP....I was hoping someone might have or know of pics or profiles of the Hurricane featured in these decals...it is the second one down on the pic and looks as though it has eagle art similar to that on Don Gentile's P-51B....

    Hopefully Steve-O or others can help me...
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  • *bump*
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by BlackWolf3945 Take 2

    I looked in the Osprey book 'Spitfire Mark I/II Aces 1939-41' and there is the same photo as seen in the 'American Eagles' book as well as a profile of the port side of the aircraft.

    Hey Steve--

    If you don't have time to scan this profile-- could you please tell me what is on the port side as far as markings?
  • Thanks Steve...

    I just finished reading his autobiography today and there is that same pic of him standing next to his Hurricane in the book. It is a little misleading though as in the actual reading-- he at the time of picking up in July of '41 his Spit IIa only had 2.5 kills.... he didn't get kill # 3 and 4 until 8/9/41... which seems to me to be long after having given up his Hurricane...a little confusing to be sure!

    I have a few others to finish up first-- but I am looking forward to starting the Hasegawa Hurricane soon....as far as a Spit IIa goes-- the only one I see in 1/48 is the Revell one *shudder*
  • Be careful, you may get hooked and find yourself ordering the rest of the series... can't wait to see what models come outta all this Mike...

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  • Got it today- and you are right!! Great book!
  • Very cool....thanks man! Hopefully the mailman has it at my door today or tomorrow....
  • Yepper, that's the picture. Whether that photo shows Dunn's ship or not, and whether it's XR-T or not, I just dunno. I have a hunch that it's Dunn's mount but that's not based on any solid evidence.

    Now, I've not seen a picture of a 71 Sqn Hurricane with this eagle on the port side but this doesn't mean that it was never there... and I doubt that I've seen all pictures of 71 Sqn Hurris in existence. However the other eagle emblem, the 'official' Eagle Squadron emblem, has been photographed on both sides. So given that, it's possible that the boxing eagle would have been applied to either side, possibly based on personal preference.

    By the way, FYI: there's a picture in that American Eagles book which shows a Hurricane with the boxing eagle emblem. The caption is a bit misleading and seems to imply that the aircraft pictured is a Spitfire when it really is a Hurricane.

    Oh... this book does have much more than photos. Matter of fact there's some pretty good reading and Dunn's last mission is recounted briefly but in fairly good detail. However, there is one inconsistency between the narrative describing this mission and the photo of the aircraft after landing. I think there was a typo made but I'll let you read it and examine the photo for yourself.

    You'll definitely enjoy the book...

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  • Heya Steve-- is this the pic you speak of:

  • Cool stuff Steve- thanks!

    Well-- that does match up with the Hyperscale build I posted...although I suppose Serang could've used your link as a reference too??

    Course-- to make things more interesting, the Aeromaster decals I bought show something completely different (cue John Cleese)

    The Hasegawa Eagle Squadron model, which I can't find anywhere, also has it this way:

    Guess I am going to have to sit and think on this for a bit...hey Steve- does the book I ordered have some good reading as well- or is it just pics??

  • That book you ordered has several shots of 71 Sqn Hurris and some profiles. One of the profiles shows XR-T, Z3781 which Dunn used to destroy two Bf 109s in July '41. I don't know if this was actually his assigned aircraft or not but it is often attributed to him.

    It also has one photo of Dunn's Spit taken after he returned from his last mission and a profile showing the starboard side of the same aircraft.

    I looked in the Osprey book 'Spitfire Mark I/II Aces 1939-41' and there is the same photo as seen in the 'American Eagles' book as well as a profile of the port side of the aircraft.

    The picture in Cleaver's article of Dunn by a Hurri may not actually show his aircraft. Dunn was credited with two kills on his last mission to make him an ace. (The subject of much controversy over the first twenty or so years following the war) There are four kill marks next to the eagle, and if he only had three kills up until that last mission then this would, at first glance, seem to be another Hurricane. However, pilots often included probables and/or damaged aircraft in their scoreboards. So it could be his Hurri and it's my gut feeling that it is his, but I really dunno fersher...

    The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight painted one of its Hurricanes in the colors of 71 Sqn sometime back and it was XR-T that they chose to represent. I'm sure you know the pitfalls of using a restored aircraft as a reference but sometimes it's all you have. Anyhoo, you can see several shots of this aircraft in this scheme (as well as in another scheme) here...


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  • ive got Aircraft of the Aces Hurricane aces 1939 - 40 and Spitfire mark 5 1941 -45 and i cant find anything on him sorry
  • A friend has told me they are in there....but I imagine they'll also be in the book I ordered...we'll see...
  • have you tried Aircraft of the aces books on the Hurricane and Spitfire?
    ive got them put away in boxs but i'll try and get them out to have a look
  • Yup-- that's the one I have seen Phil-- but thanks!

    I did find a build-up of his Cane on good ole' Hyperscale:


    Also found this at Squadron and picked it up:

    Hopefully this should be all that I need...but thanks again Steve and Phil- I do so appreciate it!