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About gene1

Hi All, I am a lifetime modeler & have been building models since before WW2. I built the balsa WW1 planes & thought they were neat.

  I build everything & at 85 I just ordered the Black Swan. I am really looking forward to a plastic ship of this quality. I have built a bunch of big wood sailing ships including Mamoli's Constitution   & Golden Hind. I love River boats & have built many of them. I am working on a scratchbuilt Betsy Ann in 1/87 scale. I got a complete (12 sheets of 24"x36" ) set of plans from the Captains grandson. He is an architect & drew them himself.

   I love cars & have a lot of 1/24 Indy cars. I even scratchbuil the 1911 winner Marmon Wasp. I got the plans at the Indy Museum.

I have over 200 1/72, 1/48 & 1/32 Fighter planes. I just finished Col. Glenn Eaglestons P 51 & P 47. I have built a lot of his as I served under him in the Air Force in the late 1940's.

I have built 7 HO train layout's with full scratch built detail. I loved the geared locos & that is what I built for, logging & Mining. I sold my last 7'x 14' to U.S. defense Secratary as I was getting a little old. I have pictures of everything & will post them when I learn how. Just remember, I am old & old people don't know computers.

   I have enjoyed buiding models & have found out that there is no end to it, except one. I might add more later.

      Gene Foster

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Hobbies: Model building, Shooting, reading & still do some home design for fun.
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Location: Western No. Carolina
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