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  • From Dalian, Liaoning Province, NE China
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About Harrytheheid

I'm a British engineer employed in the Oil Industry and have worked throughout the Eastern Hemisphere for more years than I care to think about; (i.e. West & SE Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Near East, Middle East, Russia/Siberia, Asia-Pac, India and Central Asia), 

I initially found myself in China back in 1996, and by choice have lived here ever since in my wife's hometown - yeah, her choice, I wasn't given any - although we also have a 3-year stint in the UAE under our belts - when my employers insisted we move to Dubai for a while during the mid-2000's.

First got back into general modeling during the mid-2000's when I picked up some Forces of Valor AFV's. From there, I got into the toy soldier hobby and building dioramas featuring the same. It wasn't too long before I became frustrated by most of the pre-painted toy soldiers on the market, so I began painting white metal figures myself - again kind of "bringing them to life" by placing them into dioramas and smaller vignettes.

As I've slowly gained confidence in my painting ability, I've now decided to get back into 1/35 scale modelling for the first time since my teens. Got a lot to learn of course, but look forward to the journey. 

Profile Details
Hobbies: Scale modelling, building dioramas and photography. Almost any types of music from the 1940's through to the present day -- but mainly late-60's early-70's hippy stuff
Language: English. Very slight Chinese. Very slight Arabic. Fluent at Bad Language
Location: Dalian, Liaoning Province, NE China
Occupation: Electrical/Electronics Engineer


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